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The Importance of Surge Protection for Your Home

May 25, 2021 | Electrical Safety

Power surges can cause severe damage to every device connected to an outlet in your home. To minimize the risk of damage to your technology, appliances, and other devices, consider adding a surge protector and individual power strips to your home. These products can protect your entertainment devices and appliances from sudden spikes in electrical voltage, prolonging their usable life and preventing the need for costly repairs. As leading providers of quality residential electrical services, the team at Expert Electric has provided some information on the importance of surge protection for your home.

Learn more about power surge protection and how it works.

Benefits of Surge Protection for Your Home

By utilizing whole-home surge protectors and power strips, you can minimize the risk of damage from power surges and other electrical issues. Surge protection offers the following benefits for any home:

Total Protection for Your Technology

A power surge can cause severe damage to all major devices in your home that are connected to an outlet. Electronics such as televisions, computers, chargers, consoles, and other everyday items can suffer severe damage to their internal batteries or circuit boards, rendering them unusable. In addition to technology, surge protectors can also protect your appliances—refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens— from damage.

Cost Savings and Peace of Mind

In addition to prolonging the usable life of your devices and appliances, surge protectors can prevent the need for costly repairs. Some damage caused by power surges can render devices completely inoperable, resulting in the need for expensive replacements. A surge protector often costs a fraction of the price of a large television or computer, making it a worthwhile investment. By using a whole-home surge protector and power strips for all major outlets in your home, you are saving money while maintaining peace of mind, even during a power outage.

Options for Every Home

Quality surge protection can be installed in any home. With a variety of surge protectors and power strips available on the market, there is a solution for any budget. While power strips can be safely installed by any homeowner, whole-home surge protectors often need to be installed by a certified electrician due to the complexity of the job.

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