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Computer Electrical Safety Tips and Resources

Apr 21, 2016 | Electrical Safety

These days’ computers exist in our homes within one form or another. These machines are quite valuable and expensive, and damaging them is not a good feeling. As computers run on electricity, improper use and function can result in electrical related damage. Keep these following simple tips in mind when working with your computers.

Extension cords aren’t permanent

We have previously talked about the proper use of extension cords in the past, but this is especially applicable for computers. Extension cords are not meant to be a permanent solution when it comes to placing your computer away from an electrical socket. An extension cord can hinder surge protection and make the computer vulnerable to shocks that can damage the computer hardware.

Use all 3-prongs

If you have a computer, laptop, or monitor, the power cord likely has three prongs. These are not suggestions. Too many times people will try to fit these cords into two-prong sockets. The button prong that only appears on some cords is actually the grounding cable. This protects us from electrical currents that can spread to the metal casing surrounding the computer. If the grounding prong is not connected properly, you are risking a chance of serious electric shock.

Use GCFI outlets

Electricity powers computer hardware, but too much of it can damage the components. With a GCFI outlet you add another layer of protection to your devices. If there is an electrical storm or problem with your home electrical system and a surge occurs, you can rest assured that it will not reach your devices.

Use a sufficient surge protector

If you have an office setup that includes a monitor, computer, and printer a surge protector is highly recommended. The surge protector will shut off when a surge is detected and protect the electrical devices. Make sure that you know the load that the electrical devices have and check that both your electrical circuit and surge protector are rated for that load. If not, you will find the surge protector or breaker tripping constantly.

If you are setting up an office with computer hardware and electrical equipment, or require GCFI outlets in your home, contact your local Expert Electric. We can help to review your setup and provide you with solutions to keep you and your hardware safe.