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What to Do When a Transformer Blows

May 9, 2019 | Electrical Safety, Licensed Electrician Tips, Residential Electricity

Transformers are integral to the functionality of urban and suburban electrical systems across North America, commonly seen in neighborhood power distribution networks. However, when transformers malfunction or fail, they can lead to significant explosions, posing potential hazards to surrounding areas. Understanding the appropriate steps when a transformer blows is crucial to mitigating risks and ensuring safety.

In the event of a transformer explosion, it is essential to prioritize personal safety and evacuate the area immediately. Keep a safe distance from the site to avoid exposure to hazardous materials or electrical hazards. Alert local authorities, such as fire and utility services, to report the incident and request assistance.

Avoid touching or approaching any damaged or exposed electrical equipment, as it may still pose a risk of electric shock or fire. Wait for trained professionals, such as utility technicians or emergency responders, to assess the situation and perform necessary repairs or containment measures.

Furthermore, remain vigilant for any smoke, fire, or unusual odors, indicating ongoing hazards or secondary incidents. By promptly responding to transformer failures and adhering to safety protocols, individuals can help minimize the potential consequences of such events and safeguard both lives and property within their communities.

The residential electricians at Expert Electric know the best ways to stay safe when a transformer fails. If a transformer blows near you, follow these safety precautions.

What to Do When a Transformer Blows

What Does a Transformer Do?

The electricity supplied by electrical lines from a city’s power grid to neighborhoods is potent, making it unfit for transmission directly into homes and businesses. Transformers step down the voltage so that it is suitable for use.

Why Do Transformers Fail?

An electrical transformer can blow for a variety of reasons and can cause an explosion or fire. Causes of transformer explosions could include:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Overheating
  • Wear and corrosion
  • Damage to the electrical system anywhere along the line
  • Failed safety devices and power surges
  • Foreign objects or animals getting into the transformer
  • Moisture

When a transformer fails, it usually causes a loud boom, a power outage, and a fireball that creates a large plume of smoke.

What to Do When an Electrical Transformer Fails

The most important thing to remember when a transformer blows is not to approach it. Failed transformers can create a variety of other hazards, and anyone who is not a certified and experienced service person should keep their distance. It is likely that the electrical provider already knows about the transformer failure and electrical outage, but providing them with additional information is always helpful.

After the outage has been reported, it is essential to stay safe until the power for your home or business comes back on. Ensure that flashlights and candles are always handy and know the best way to exit your building in the dark.

What to Do When a Transformer Blows

Depending on the extent of the damage from the electrical transformer outage, workers can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days to fix the problem and replace the transformer.

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