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Adding Accent Lighting To Your Home

Jun 24, 2015 | Residential Electricity

Electricians are often seen as professionals whose only skill set is to fix something that isn’t working, however there are many times when we can also advise on design. Our experience includes helping a many previous clients add accent lighting to their homes with the goal of creating truly beautiful and enjoyable spaces.

What is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is any lighting feature that draws attention to an area or brightens up a space. Accent lighting can include any type of lighting from small pot-lights or a subtle spotlight. Accent lighting is not intended to fill an entire space with light, but just enough to put more emphasis on a piece of artwork or create a nice mood when the main room lights are turned off.

Why Install Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting has a great benefit, in that it can be installed almost anywhere. If you have positioned a piece of artwork above your fireplace, you can add a couple of small accent lights to draw guests’ attention to the beautiful piece. If you have a long hallway that seems drab and dull, adding small pot lights or led lights can help guide the way and provide visual interest in the space.

Apart from the aesthetics, accent lighting can also save you money. Accent lighting can use low-voltage lights and LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs which take very little electricity to power. If it is a bright day you can turn off your main light switches and let the accent lighting do the rest of the work to light up the areas that aren’t being reached by the sunlight. If it is late at night and you want to create a nice relaxing atmosphere, using only the accent lighting will do just that. This saves you money on your monthly electrical bill, as you are not wasting money to power lighting that is not being used efficiently.

Accent Lighting Installation

Accent lighting can be easily installed in most homes. Depending on the complexity and electrical requirement of the lighting, it can be tied into most electrical circuits around your home. When using low voltage lighting you don’t need to worry about overloading the circuit and causing your electrical breaker to trip. Have one of our Expert Electricians review your circuit where you would like to install the lighting and we can help you understand everything involved in the installation.

As we move in to the summer, now is a great time to have accent lighting installed indoors or outdoors. Save money and add aesthetics to any area in your home. Contact your local Expert Electric at 604-681-8338 and we can help you get starting on making your home efficient and beautiful.