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Speciality Receptacle Installation Services for Businesses

Apr 4, 2019 | Electrical Outlets, Commercial Electricity, Licensed Electrician Tips

When establishing or enhancing a workspace, assessing your electrical outlet requirements is crucial. Opting for specialized electrical receptacles tailored to your business’s needs can yield numerous benefits. These receptacles enhance convenience for employees, elevate safety standards, and bolster overall operational efficiency.

By strategically installing specialty electrical outlets, businesses can streamline workflows and accommodate the diverse power needs of modern workplaces. For instance, dedicated outlets for high-powered equipment like computers, printers, and charging stations can reduce clutter and minimize the risk of overloading circuits. Moreover, installing outlets with built-in USB ports can simplify device charging, promoting productivity and reducing downtime.

Furthermore, prioritizing safety by installing specialty receptacles equipped with surge protection or ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) can safeguard valuable equipment and mitigate the risk of electrical hazards. These advanced features provide an added layer of protection against power surges, electrical faults, and potential fire hazards, ensuring a secure working environment for employees and minimizing costly disruptions to business operations.

Investingelectrical receptacles tailored to your business’s unique requirements is a proactive step towards optimizing workplace functionality, enhancing employee satisfaction, and fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

At Expert Electric, we offer a variety of specialty receptacle installation services for businesses,. Our licensed electricians are equipped to recommend the best outlet types and placements for your business.

Types of Specialty Receptacles

At Expert Electric, we offer a broad range of outlets and circuits. Some kinds of specialty receptacle installations that we perform for businesses include:

Surge-Proof Safety Receptacles

Surge-proof outlets are perfect for offices or other areas supplying power to sensitive electronics such as TVs or computers. These specialty safety outlets help to protect devices from damage by shutting off the power supply if too much electricity surges through the circuit.

Speciality Receptacle Installation Services for Businesses

GFCI Outlets

If an outlet is installed in an area with a higher risk of electrical shock, it is often standard to use a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. This specialty electrical receptacle can cut the power flow from an outlet if there is an interruption in the circuit, which turns the potential for extremely dangerous electrocution into a more minor, less harmful shock.

240-Volt Receptacles

When a piece of equipment requires increased power to operate, it may be necessary to call a licensed electrician for a 240-volt specialty outlet and circuit installation. These receptacles can handle increased electrical loads safely.

Outdoor Safety Receptacles

Specialty safety outdoor use receptacles must be properly outfitted to prevent water damage. They often implement weatherproof housing, which a licensed electrician should appropriately install to mitigate the risk of electrical fires, shock, or other damage to people and property.

Special Outlet Location Installation

Whether you need a tabletop outlet installed for a conference room or a window display outlet placed for a retail store, Expert Electric’s specialty electrical receptacles can be installed in whatever location provides your company with the greatest benefits.

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