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Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Dec 7, 2017 | Generators

At Expert Electric, we understand the importance of maintaining a portable generator to ensure its longevity and efficient operation. Regular maintenance is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of your portable generator and keeping it running smoothly. By performing routine checks and upkeep tasks, owners can prevent potential issues and ensure that their generator is always ready to provide backup power when needed.

Some essential maintenance tasks for portable generators include checking the oil level and changing it regularly, inspecting the air filter for dirt and debris, cleaning or replacing spark plugs as needed, and examining the fuel system for any leaks or blockages. Additionally, it’s important to test the generator periodically to ensure that it starts and runs properly.

By staying proactive with maintenance, owners can avoid costly repairs and downtime during critical moments when power outages occur. Expert Electric is here to provide guidance and assistance with portable generator maintenance, ensuring that your backup power source remains reliable and efficient for years to come.

That is why our team of licensed electricians have put together some simple portable generator maintenance tips that will help ensure that your generator is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Stock Up on Oil and Filters

Most new home standby generators need their first oil change after the first 25 to 30 hours of use. After the first oil change, you will need to make sure that you change out the old oil and refill it every 50 to 100 hours, or once every season. In order to be prepared for extended power outages after a major storm, you should make sure that you have a supply of oil, oil filters, and gas to last at least a few days.

Let the Generator Cool Down Before Refuelling

Portable generator fuel tanks are located on the top of the engine in order to allow the gas to be gravity fed to the carburetor; however, if you are not careful, this setup can quickly turn into a disaster if you happen to spill gas when refuelling a hot generator. It is important that you allow the generator to cool down before you attempt to pour the gas into the fuel tank, even if it means living without power for 15 minutes. Spilling is especially likely if you refill at night without a flashlight.

Drain Fuel When Not in Use

Properly storing your portable generator can help prevent gum. During storage, it prevents forming in essential fuel system parts (carburetor, fuel hose, or tank). It prevents the separation and formation of acids in alcohol-based fuels (e.g., gasohol, ethanol, or methanol). Before storing the generator for 30 days or longer, you can follow these simple steps to avoid engine problems:

Add a quality gasoline stabilizer to the fuel per the manufacturer’s specifications and run the unit for 10-15 minutes.

After the engine cools down, remove all gasoline from the fuel tank using a commercially available, non-conductive vacuum siphon.

Start and run the engine until it stops because of a lack of fuel. This will make sure that there is no fuel left in the system.

Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Start Your Generator Every 30 Days

It is important to ensure that you run your portable generator at least once every 30 days to help keep key internal components lubricated and to help avoid maintenance-related issues.

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