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Different Types of Outdoor Commercial Parking Lot Lighting

Jan 25, 2017 | Commercial Lighting, Outdoor lighting, Security lighting

During the Fall and Winter months, when daylight hours diminish, the need for outdoor parking lot lighting becomes increasingly evident. Expert Electric specializes in installing outdoor lighting solutions for various commercial establishments, ranging from office buildings to retail stores, restaurants, and bars. Adequate outdoor lighting is essential year-round, serving as a critical security measure to deter break-ins, vandalism, and burglaries.

For office buildings, outdoor parking lot lighting enhances safety for employees and visitors alike. With well-lit parking areas, individuals feel more secure when arriving or leaving the premises, particularly during the darker hours of Fall and Winter evenings. Similarly, retail businesses benefit significantly from effective outdoor lighting to protect valuable inventory and assets. A well-lit parking lot not only deters potential burglars but also encourages customer foot traffic, especially during evening hours.

Restaurants and bars, often operating late into the night, face unique security challenges. Installing adequate parking lot lighting helps mitigate the risk of vehicle break-ins and vandalism, ensuring the safety of patrons and staff members. With strategically placed outdoor lighting, customers feel more comfortable navigating parking areas during evening hours, contributing to a positive dining or entertainment experience.

Expert Electric offers tailored outdoor parking lot lighting solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each commercial establishment. Whether it’s illuminating office parking lots, retail store premises, or restaurant and bar exteriors, our licensed electricians deliver reliable installations to enhance security and promote safety during the Fall and Winter seasons.

As the days get shorter, many business and property owners begin to see the benefits of outdoor parking lot lighting as there is less daylight. Outdoor parking lot lighting is important all year round to prevent break-ins, vandalism and burglaries from occurring. Learn more about the different types of outdoor parking lot lighting installations that Expert Electric does.

Different Types of Outdoor Commercial Parking Lot Lighting

Outdoor parking lot lighting for office buildings

Outdoor parking lot lighting is an important security measure in protecting the buildings, businesses and employees of office buildings. Not all office buildings have security guards and underground parking. Outdoor parking lot lighting can help protect office buildings from burglaries. It can also help protect vehicles are from vandalism and break-ins. Employees will feel more comfortable when walking to their vehicles after work in a well-lit environment, especially in the Fall and Winter months. The licensed electricians at Expert Electric can install outdoor parking lot lighting for office buildings throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area.

Outdoor parking lot lighting for retail businesses

Outdoor parking lot lighting is essential for retail businesses for many of the same reasons as it is for office buildings. Retail businesses have plenty of valuable inventory and assets on hand and are often targeted with burglaries. A well-lit parking lot can help prevent burglaries from occurring. Outdoor parking lot lighting is also important for retail shops to remain in business. Customers will not want to visit a store during the evening if it does not have sufficient outdoor parking lot lighting. Parking lot lights help keep customers secure, especially for retail locations that alate at night. Expert Electric can install outdoor parking lot lighting in a variety of different types of retail stores, including

Outdoor parking lot lighting for restaurants and bars.

Restaurants and bars are usually open later than most other businesses, which makes their parking lots more vulnerable to crime. Hiring parking lot security can be expensive, and installing security ,,cameras does not necessarily prevent vandalism and burglaries. Installing parking lot lighting in restaurants and bars can significantly help reduce vehicle break-ins, vandalism and theft. Custo,mers will feel more comfortable when walking to and from the building during evening hours when the parking lot is properly lit.

Different Types of Outdoor Commercial Parking Lot Lighting

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