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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generator?

Mar 28, 2019 | Generators

Generators can be incredibly useful for homes and businesses to have, regardless of whether they are located in the heart of a city or in the middle of nowhere. If you are looking to protect your property by maintaining an electrical supply in the case of a power outage, it can help to know how much it costs to install a generator. At Expert Electric, we have experience installing all kinds of generators, and we know that, when looking to install a backup power source, the cost of the job will depend on a variety of factors.

When to Install a Generator

Depending on your location, you may have gained the unfortunate knowledge that electricity is not always reliable. Power outages can affect workflow, make cooking a nightmare, and disable businesses. Electrical generators can make life much easier to maintain, especially during icy winters and stormy seasons. Whether you have a home that is nearly off-grid and need a generator for the regular power outages that occur or you have a business that relies on electricity to generate income, it is often worth the cost to install a generator.

The Cost of a Generator Installation

Generator installations are seldom a one-size-fits-all solution. Every job will have different circumstances that affect the method and price of the generator installation. Variables that affect generator installation prices include:

The Type of Generator

The greatest variable in the cost to install a generator is the type of generator. Bigger generators that can power large coolers, freezers, or other pieces of large equipment will require much more work to install and will cost more, while smaller generators for simple home use will usually be much less expensive. The type of fuel that the type of generator being installed uses will also play a role in the price of installation.

The Purpose of the Generator

If the generator being installed is being used to power a major electrical appliance or a whole building, the price to install the generator will be significantly higher than if it is a simple backup generator for a single tool or lighting system. The amount of wiring and expertise required to equip a generator to handle bigger jobs is much greater than that required for small plugins.

The Location of the Generator

If the generator is harder to access or far away from the facility that it is being connected to, it will cost more to install. The time that it takes to get from the generator to the rest of the facility or building will be a factor in the cost of a generator installation.

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