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Electrical Safety Precautions During a Disaster

Aug 27, 2013 | Electrical Safety

Electricity can be a lethal weapon that can threaten a person’s life or cause major injuries to yourself, others or your property. We would like to take the time to discuss some of the precautions to be taken after or during a power outage, flood or other life-threatening disaster.

Downed Power Lines carry large currents of electricity that could cause serious injury or even death. Never touch a downed power line with your hands or with any other object as your body is a conductor of electricity and the contact could electrocute you. If someone is in contact with the downed line, electricity can move through that person so do not touch the person. Call emergency right away.

Flooded Areas are also a large concern during a disaster. Submerged outlets or electrical cords could energize the water in a flooded area causing it to be a threat for anyone attempting to step into the area. Also, make sure to not use any electrical appliances that have been submerged under water until getting them checked by a professional. It is difficult to observe the electrical damage caused by water and without a trained eye, you could be putting yourself in danger.

Portable Generators, generally thought of as a good source of electricity and a “life saver” during a disaster, can also cause electrical safety issues. If the proper measures of care aren’t taken prior to the disaster, the portable generator could turn into an electrical safety hazard. Ensure that the generator is properly grounded, kept dry, and not overload. Do not connect the generator directly to household wiring. This can back feed along power lines and cause electrical danger to anyone who comes in contact with it.

If you are pre-warned of a potential disaster, turn off all your appliances, disconnect sockets, and switch off breakers. This will minimize the electrical dangers that may occur during or after the disaster and ultimately save the lives of your loved ones.

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