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Electric Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

Feb 21, 2017 | Electrical Tips, Residential Electricity

Water heaters play an important role in every residential home. Water heaters are the source behind hot showers, warm baths and various temperatures of water used for washing dishes and clothes. When choosing to install a new water heater in your home, there are a few different options available. Homeowners can choose between traditional gas water heaters and the increasingly popular electric water heaters. The licensed electricians at Expert Electric recommend installing electric water heaters. Here are three reasons why electric water heaters are a better alternative to gas water heaters.

Electric water heaters are a safe alternative to natural gas and propane

By choosing to install an electric water heater as opposed to a gas or propane water heater, you are creating a safer environment for your family. Gas and propane water heaters can result in leaks which can eventually lead to fires and explosions. The damage caused by a gas leak can be detrimental to a home. Electric water heaters are a much safer alternative. With electric water heaters and other electrical appliances, homeowners still run this risk of electrocution; however, this is less likely to occur.

Electric water heaters are long-lasting

Electric water heaters have fewer parts than gas water heaters which reduces the costs associated with part replacement and repair. Electric water heaters generally last longer than gas. A longer lasting water heater is important to many homeowners given how expensive the installation of a new water heater can be.

Electric water heaters are cost-efficient

The process of installing a gas water heater is far more complex than installing an electric water heater. In most cases, the installation costs with electric water heaters are significantly less than the installation costs with gas water heaters. The cost-efficiency of electric water heaters lasts beyond the initial installation. Electric water heaters are low-maintenance resulting in less repair costs throughout their lifespan. In addition to their low-maintenance, electric water heaters can be programmed to only run when needed, resulting in less wasted energy.

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