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Do You Need a Standby Generator for Your Business?

Feb 17, 2022 | Commercial Electricity, Power Outages

Sudden power outages can be devastating for all types of businesses. Whether you sell perishable food items or work in metal fabrication, a lack of power can result in financial loss through unplanned downtime and lost products. As leading providers of commercial electrical solutions such as electric generator services, the team at Expert Electric knows how important it is for businesses to be prepared for prolonged power outages. That is why we have compiled some information to demonstrate why you need a standby generator for your business.

Learn about everything you need to know about standby generators.

3 Benefits of Standby Generators for Businesses

Standby generators offer the following benefits for businesses of all sizes regardless of the products or services they provide:

1. Minimized Downtime

A standby generator can help you maintain your operations and avoid unplanned downtime during an unexpected power outage. If your business were to suddenly lose power, your operation would likely be brought to a halt until power was restored. This downtime can become extremely costly, especially if your business handles perishable goods or relies on wireless connections to communicate with clients and potential customers. With a standby generator in place, you can maintain your operations even when your main source of power is lost and minimize costly downtime.

2. Enhanced Safety

A prolonged power outage can drastically increase the risk of accidents and other safety incidents for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and many other fast-paced operations. While the safety risks will vary from business to business, they must be addressed immediately to ensure that all employees stay safe. With a standby generator, your crucial lighting systems and other equipment will maintain functionality during an outage, enhancing safety for your employees.

3. Reduced Risk of Data and Product Loss

Lost data is a vital concern for most businesses. If your employees work on computers or other digital devices, a sudden loss of power can also mean a sudden loss of whatever they were working on. Mechanical hard drives and the data stored on them can experience significant problems when an unexpected loss of power occurs, potentially corrupting vital files or data. If your business works with customer data, a loss of this information could also cause irreparable damage to your relationship with clients. In addition to data, power loss can lead to damaged or lost products. Businesses that work with perishable food items or temperature-sensitive materials could lose thousands of dollars of goods within hours due to an outage. With a standby generator, you can rest easy knowing that your data and products will be safe.

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