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What is the Difference Between Low-Voltage and Line-Voltage?

Feb 26, 2019 | Electrical Tips, Residential Electricity

The emergence and growing popularity of energy-efficient lighting solutions have sparked a rising interest in low voltage lighting configurations among homeowners and businesses worldwide. Low voltage lighting systems offer several advantages over traditional high-voltage alternatives, making them an appealing choice for various applications.

One key benefit of low-voltage lighting is its energy efficiency, which can result in significant cost savings on electricity bills over time. By operating at lower voltages, these lighting systems consume less power while still providing ample illumination, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Additionally, low-voltage lighting is known for its versatility and ease of installation. The reduced voltage requirements allow for thinner and more flexible wiring, making it easier to conceal and install fixtures in tight spaces or unconventional locations. This flexibility enables creative lighting designs and enhances the aesthetic appeal of indoor and outdoor environments.

Furthermore, low-voltage lighting systems often incorporate advanced features such as dimming capabilities, remote control options, and compatibility with smart home technology. These additional functionalities provide users with greater control and customization over their lighting environment, enhancing comfort and convenience.

Overall, the growing interest in low-voltage lighting reflects a broader trend toward energy efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in lighting technology. As more consumers seek environmentally conscious and cost-effective lighting solutions, low-voltage configurations are poised to become increasingly prevalent in homes, businesses, and public spaces around the globe.

For this reason, it can be helpful to know the difference between low-voltage and line-voltage lighting. The licensed and experienced electricians at Expert Electric are familiar with all of the different varieties of home electrical systems and we can ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

What does Line Voltage Mean?

The typical configuration for most home lighting systems is line-voltage lighting. This standard in lighting typically supplies 120v or 277v to lighting fixtures directly from the building’s breaker system. It is the same system and amount of power that is supplied to most electrical outlets and junction boxes which means line-voltage fixtures are easy to install and do not require any special transformers or systems to operate.

What does Low Voltage Mean?

Low-voltage lighting systems use a transformer to lower the amount of voltage being supplied to a light fixture from 120v or 277v to 12v or 24v. This transformer can be built into the light fixture or located close to the light fixture somewhere along the electrical circuit. While these systems are harder to install and cannot be too far from a transformer box, they tend to be safer due to the reduced amount of electricity running through the light fixture. Low-voltage light fixtures are known for producing a higher quality of light that looks more natural and does not scatter in the same way that light produced by line voltage light fixtures does.

Difference Between Low-Voltage and Line-Voltage

How Do Low-Voltage Lights Save Power?

Although a low-voltage light bulb that requires 50 watts of power does not use less electricity than a regular 50-watt bulb, it produces more light with the 50 watts used and the bulb will also last longer. For this reason, fewer light fixtures are required to generate the same amount of light by using low-voltage lighting. Low-voltage lighting is most useful in areas where the lights will be on most often or where the light fixture being used needs to generate the most light.

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