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Cost Saving Electrical Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Jul 20, 2017 | Commercial Lighting, Save Money on Electricity

Commercial buildings, particularly office buildings, represent a significant portion of Canada’s energy consumption. At Expert Electric, we recognize the crucial need for commercial buildings to prioritize energy efficiency.

These buildings serve as hubs of activity, hosting countless businesses and activities daily, making their energy usage substantial. By focusing on energy efficiency, commercial buildings can not only reduce their environmental impact but also save on operational costs.

We offer tailored solutions to help commercial buildings optimize their energy usage, ranging from lighting upgrades to HVAC system improvements and beyond. Our team of licensed electricians is dedicated to assisting businesses in implementing sustainable practices without compromising functionality or comfort.

Through our expertise, we aim to support commercial buildings in becoming more environmentally responsible while enhancing their overall efficiency and performance. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, Expert Electric is the trusted partner for commercial properties striving to achieve energy efficiency goals.

Our team of certified electricians has curated a selection of the most effective cost-saving electrical solutions for commercial buildings, amidst the array of services available to enhance energy efficiency in commercial settings.

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Save With Smart Lighting Solutions

Harnessing natural light effectively is a simple yet powerful method to decrease energy consumption in commercial buildings. This practice, known as daylighting, not only reduces energy demands but also enhances employee well-being. If your commercial space lacks sufficient windows for adequate natural lighting, transitioning to LED lighting can be a beneficial alternative.

Approximately half of a commercial building’s electricity usage is attributed to artificial lighting. LED bulbs offer a compelling solution due to their longevity, durability, and energy efficiency. Moreover, LED bulbs generate minimal heat, making them a smart choice for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment without adding unnecessary warmth to the building.

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Upgrading HVAC Equipment

Over half of the energy used in commercial buildings is used on heating and lighting. Upgrading your HVAC equipment with a more efficient model can reduce energy consumption, costs, and chlorofluorocarbons containing carbon, chloride, and fluorine vapors derived from methane, ethane, and propane. Before you replace your HVAC system, evaluate your current heating and cooling needs. This will ensure you receive the maximum performance, energy reductions, and cost savings.

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Cost Saving Electrical Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Computer Power Management

Effective power management can significantly contribute to energy conservation, particularly in commercial settings where employees often use computers for extended periods. One strategy to achieve this is by providing energy-efficient laptops, which consume significantly less energy compared to traditional desktop computers. For instance, laptops use approximately 90% less energy than desktop computers, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions for your commercial building. Moreover, energy-efficient laptops can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from approximately 2.7 million cars over the next five years. To maximize the energy-saving potential of these devices, it is crucial to monitor and manage their energy consumption and plug loads effectively, ensuring that their energy-saving features are fully utilized.

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