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What Does it Cost to Install New Light Fixtures?

Aug 10, 2021 | Lighting Design

The right light fixture can completely transform the look and feel of a room. If you are looking to update the lighting in your home, you have likely asked yourself “what does it cost to install new light fixtures?”. Unfortunately, the answer to this question can vary based on several different factors. As leading providers of commercial and residential electrical services, the team at Expert Electric understands how important lighting is for every home and building. That is why we have provided some information on the common factors that affect the cost of installing light fixtures.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Light Fixtures

The total price for installing a light fixture will vary based on the following factors:

The Type of Fixture

There are many different types of light fixtures on the market, each with a different price range. Types of light fixtures include recessed lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, track lighting, wall-mounted lights, and light bars. Some types of light fixtures are designed for certain rooms of the home, while others can be used anywhere. In addition to their aesthetic differences, certain types of fixtures will take longer to install than others. For example, a track lighting system typically takes much longer to install than pendant lights. This additional time will result in additional labour costs, increasing the total price of your new light fixture.

The Location/Room

The installation process can vary greatly based on the room the new fixture is installed in. For example, a new fixture in a bedroom will often take less time to install than a new fixture in a bathroom. This is because bathroom wiring is often more complex and can require additional work. Certain fixtures also need to be rated for use in bathrooms due to the amount of moisture in the air, further increasing the price.

The Wiring in Your Home

The wiring in your current home will significantly impact the amount of work required to install new light fixtures. For example, installing a new fixture in a place where an old fixture used to be will take less time and cost less. If you are installing a light fixture in a new location, you will need a licensed electrician to install junction boxes, wiring, and switches, increasing the final price. Older homes with worn wiring may also require additional work and repairs before installing new light fixtures, so this is important to consider.

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