The Electrical Hazards of Old Properties

Dec 14, 2022 | Electrical Safety, Older Homes

The Electrical Hazards of Old Properties

If you own an older home, it’s important to know what kind of hazards that can come with it in order to keep your property and your family safe. Older buildings are at a much greater risk of surges, shorts, and electrical fires due to their aged and often outdated electrical systems, so it is extremely important to have your property inspected by a certified electrician on a regular basis. Electrical hazards in old properties can be difficult to find unless you know what to look for. Call the experienced professionals at Expert Electric to make sure your home is protected.

Old Buildings and Electrical Fires

Outdated wiring practices and materials are the main cause of electrical fires, and electrical issues are the third-most common cause of home fires, right after cooking and heating issues. There are a wide variety of electrical hazards that commonly occur in older buildings, including:

Insufficient Circuit Provisions

As technology has advanced, the number of electrical devices that are common in homes has increased and the amount of power that each appliance requires has also increased. If an electrical circuit does not meet the needs of the devices being run off of it, it will usually simply blow the breaker or fuse; however, if these precautions fail, it can lead to overheating wires and electrical fires.

Outdated Equipment

As equipment ages, it can become damaged or start to deteriorate. When this happens, equipment that was once safe becomes a major hazard for electrocution and electrical fire. Thinning insulation, rodent-chewed wires, and brittle, rusty, or bent metal components are just a few of the ways that electrical equipment can be damaged over time.

Outdated Practices and Standards

Our understanding of the best electrical practices and safety standards has grown over time, as has our technology. There are many types of electrical systems that are no longer relevant that need to be replaced, and many ways that safety and installation standards have been improved.

If you live in or own an older building and want to make sure that it is safe for years to come, be sure to call Expert Electric and we’ll have one of our highly trained electricians to your property right away. We always make sure all of our electricians are up to date on the latest code and safety standards and we can have your home updated promptly to keep it safe for you and your family.