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The Dangers of Electrical Fires

Jul 27, 2015 | Electrical Safety

Many of our past electrical safety articles have discussed electrical fires. We warn homeowners frequently about the threat of an electrical fire because of the danger it poses to their homes and their families. Electrical fires can result from poorly managed electrical wires or equipment and result in huge damages and health hazards. You must take the necessary steps to avoid this.

What is an electrical fire?

Electrical fires start from electrical wires that are hot, overloaded, or sparking. Electrical cables run throughout your home, next to hundreds of feet of wood. If a circuit is overloaded or damaged, it can boil and produce a spark. If your circuit breaker does not detect this and fails to shut it off quickly, the wires can heat the surrounding wood structure and start a fire. The biggest problem with these types of fires is their location. The fire has now begun behind the wall, out of sight.

Significant damage can already be done when the smoke is visible through outlets or vents. When you notice the fire, call the fire department, and they will arrive to extinguish it; substantial damage will already be done to your home. This situation can worsen at night while you and your family sleep. The fire can creep up on you and spread behind the walls before you notice. You may even find yourself in your home and unable to prevent the fire from overtaking the entire structure.

The Dangers of Electrical Fires

Common Causes of Electrical Fires

Some common causes of electrical fires are:

Light fixture and bulb incompatibility – Some people will use high-wattage light bulbs in fixtures that cannot handle them. This leads to high heat in the wires and the light fixture, melting, heat, and eventually fire.

Old, faulty electrical appliances and equipment—This includes outlets, receptacles, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. The equipment has been in use for so many years that the wires have become frayed and exposed.

Improper use of extension cords—If you are running old extension cords under or around carpets and furniture or chaining electrical cords, they are not meant to hold electrical appliances permanently. Read our article about extension cord safety.

The Dangers of Electrical Fires

How can I prevent electrical fires?

To prevent electrical fires, ensure that your electrical circuit panel is appropriately organized and up to date. If your electrical panel is old and needs to be organized appropriately, it will not detect overloads and do its job of protecting your home. We recommend having your home inspected every ten years. Some problems you will need help to identify. Our electricians will be able to identify areas that need to be upgraded and brought up to code.

There are some precautions that you can take on your own. Check on your appliances, electrical equipment, and extension cords to ensure they are not frayed or have exposed wiring. If one of your electrical devices is very old, it may be time to repair it. If you need more time, contact your local Expert Electric.

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