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Should You Install a Subpanel in Your Home?

Jun 16, 2022 | Residential Electricity

Your main electrical panel is a vital part of your home as it carries the electrical load for every light fixture, appliance, and device plugged into your outlets. While most homes can function properly with one electrical panel, some homes may require a subpanel to ensure optimal safety and functionality. As a leading provider of residential electrical services, the team at Expert Electric knows how valuable a subpanel can be for some homes. That is why we have compiled some information to help you determine if you should install a subpanel in your home. Please note that this type of job is extremely difficult and can be potentially hazardous. We strongly recommend hiring an experienced and licensed electrician to properly install your subpanel.

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2 Common Reasons to Install a Subpanel for Your Home

When it comes to subpanels, they are often installed due to a need for enhanced safety or additional electrical capacity. The following reasons are among the most common for installing a subpanel:

1. Overcrowded and Unsafe Main Panels

Main panels are often overcrowded with connections, making it difficult for homeowners to understand or take care of them. Since these panels are typically not maintained, they can become extremely dangerous. This is especially true if the cover is missing.

In addition to household electrical safety, an overcrowded panel can be very difficult for an electrician to navigate should any repairs be required, increasing the cost of the job. If an electrician experiences substantial difficulties with your main panel, they may recommend installing a subpanel for the sake of safety and convenience.

2. Renovations/Additions

Whether you are building a second garage or finishing your basement, it is important to note that most renovations place additional strain on the main panel. The best way to keep the load off the main panel is to install a subpanel. This subpanel can be installed near the new addition, making it easy to manage applicable wires and monitor their condition. This is especially useful if you decide to build a basement suite or in-law suite, as the tenants will have easy access to the panel if needed.

A new subpanel can also make it easier to add new wiring for future additions, saving you the headache. Additionally, if you install a new light fixture, baseboard heater, or other device, you might need to give it an independent circuit. This is impossible with a crowded main panel, so a subpanel will be required.

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