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Saving on electricity in the summer

Jun 23, 2016 | Save Energy

As summer sets in, along come the hot temperatures. Staying cool while having fun is going to be a necessity. How will you find ways to keep yourself cool, your house or office? It will be important to be aware of the ways you can save on energy while keeping temperatures down. Air conditioning units, while effective, can use up a lot of electricity, which will add up on the monthly bills. At Expert Electric we have compiled list of useful of ways that you can keep cool while you save on electricity in the summer.

Home Energy Saving Tips

  • Utilize energy efficient appliances – Using energy efficient appliances and lighting is always a key component towards saving on electricity.
  • Use ceiling and oscillating fans – Use ceiling fans or oscillating fans and get air circulating around you instead of powering up the air conditioning unit. This is really effective in the evenings when the air outside is cool and your windows are open.
  • Turn off unused electronics – Turn lights off and other electronics such as cell phone chargers or small appliances and power strips. Cutting costs where you can will help to absorb any increase in cooling costs.
  • Shut the blinds – Close up those blinds and shades to block out the sunlight. Any natural sunlight shining in will heat up your space around you and will make it more difficult to cool down. While you’re at it, shut doors and vents in rooms not being used.
  • Maintain your AC unit – Replace air conditioner filters and have servicing done as required. Often, monthly checks are required to make sure the unit is running efficiently.
  • Actively manage your thermostat – Operate and manage your thermostat temperatures accordingly. Turn it up if the home empty and it does not need to be cooled.
  • Avoid using the dryer – Hang dry your laundry. Dryers are often a large contributor to your electricity consumption. The warm summer air can help to dry off your clothes quickly.

While enjoying the summer heat, it’s important to keep cool but also to keep your electricity consumption in mind. Those bills could add up in a hurry and we are here to share more ways of saving on electricity this summer or improving your home’s efficiency. Contact Expert Electric at 604-681-8338. Our licensed electricians can identify where you can save your money the most in your home.