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Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for Avoiding Electrical Hazards

Sep 30, 2016 | Electrical Safety

As the seasons change and we transition into Fall and Winter, many of us will be eager to engage in outdoor activities. However, it’s crucial to recognize that along with these seasonal delights come unique challenges regarding outdoor electrical safety. With colder temperatures and potentially inclement weather, outdoor electrical hazards can pose significant risks if not adequately addressed.

One common concern during these seasons is using outdoor lighting for festive decorations or outdoor gatherings. While these lights can enhance the ambiance and create a warm atmosphere, they also require careful installation and maintenance to ensure safety. Proper insulation and waterproofing of outdoor electrical connections are essential to prevent short circuits and electrical fires, especially in wet or snowy conditions.

Additionally, outdoor power tools and equipment may see increased use during Fall and Winter for tasks such as leaf blowing, snow removal, and holiday decorating. It’s vital to use these tools according to manufacturer instructions and avoid overloading circuits or using damaged equipment, which can lead to electrical accidents.

By staying vigilant and following best practices for outdoor electrical safety, we can all enjoy the season’s festivities and activities with peace of mind. Regular inspection of outdoor electrical installations, proper use of extension cords and surge protectors, and awareness of weather conditions can go a long way in preventing accidents and ensuring a safe outdoor environment for everyone.

Piling up leaves and falling snow can create unpredictable electrical hazards around the home. Keeping safe while outdoors doesn’t have to be complicated. Practice proper electrical safety by following these 4 Expert Electric outdoor electrical safety tips:

Audit your outdoor electrical equipment

It’s always a good idea to semi-annually audit your home’s outdoor electrical equipment, especially between Winter and Spring and then again in Summer and Fall. This ensures your house is fully prepared to handle any electrical hazards during severe weather and temperature fluctuations. A licensed electrician can quickly complete this audit for you; however, it’s possible to undertake this task independently if preferred. During this audit, ensure that all outdoor electrical equipment is functioning correctly and appropriately stored.

Repair any loose, damaged electrical wiring or cords

Loose or damaged electrical wiring can pose a severe electrical threat to your home, especially if it comes into contact with snow or leaves. A thorough inspection of all wiring and electrical cords should be completed and followed up with a replacement if necessary.

Keep cords away from water sources.

Melting snow can often result in water pooling on the ground. If this water comes into contact with electrical equipment and wiring, the equipment and entire home can be at risk. It’s best to plan and ensure that all electrical equipment, wiring, and cords are placed and stored so they won’t come into contact with water sources.

Have a licensed electrician inspect all hot tubs and pools

When in doubt, contacting your local licensed electrician is best to ensure your home or building is safe from outdoor electrical dangers. The team at Expert Electric can inspect all of your outdoor electrical equipment and appliances, such as hot tubs and pools, ensuring that all of the necessary outdoor electrical safety requirements are met.

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for Avoiding Electrical Hazards

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