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Office Building Electrical Safety Guide and Tips

Oct 26, 2015 | Commercial Lighting

Through the work week between the hours of 9 to 5, many mega watts of electricity is fed into offices and commercial buildings all over the world. These are places where productivity is vital and electricity is critical for the productivity to exist. Whether renting, leasing, or own an office building, here is a checklist of items for consideration that will improve the efficiency of electricity running throughout the office

What are some of the cost saving electrical solutions for commercial buildings?

Don’t Overload Circuits

Some office buildings can have hundreds of workstations on each floor. Each workstation can include monitors, computers, printers and other electronic devices. A bad situation develops when there are insufficient numbers of power outlets, and the only solution is to add and chain extension cables. Often this can lead to overloading the electrical circuits, damage electronics and create a risk of electrocution. If you find that there are not enough power outlets for your workspaces, have a licenced electrician inspect the office space and install new ones. A professional will be able to determine how much load can go on each circuit without causing strain on the circuit breaker.

Install Appropriate Lighting

If the workspace lighting is inadequate, workers may find it straining on their eyes and can ultimately create an unwelcoming work environment. Through proper lighting design the office space can become more efficient and pleasant to work in. Upgrading your light fixtures with more efficient bulbs can lead to better lighting and lower electrical costs each month.

An office building should also be equipped with the appropriate outdoor lighting. This will improve building safety by providing lighting at building entry points, but also keep employees feeling safe while exiting the building during the night. Read more about office lighting.

Be Prepared with a Generator

The worst thing that can happen for productivity is an electrical outage. Without the use of computers and printers, an electrical outage can bring a business to its knees. Equipping an office building with a backup generator adds a layer of protection against these types of situations. As soon as power stops flowing to the building, the generator will activate and continue providing power to workstations. This is helpful to prevent loss of work and provide some extra hours of productivity. While your office still may remain without internet services, the extra time can be used well to finish up tasks and plan for any additional power outages. Read more about standby generators.

Whether you are in charge of a building, or your own office’s workspace, make sure that your building is running safely and efficiently. Investing in the right lighting and generator can be a wise investment to keep productivity up in the long dark hours of the winter. For more information on office electrical or to schedule an inspection from one of our licensed electricians, contact your local Expert Electric.