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Lighting & Home Décor: All You Need to Know – Expert Electric

Jul 11, 2013 | Home Decor

The best lighting jobs are the ones that aren’t noticeable. Have you ever walked into a room and just felt warm, comfortable and at home? It was probably the light placement and selection in the room that gave you that unforgettable feeling. With the right tools and tips in mind, you can also have that within each room of your home.

In order to effectively use your lighting to enhance your home’s décor, you must first consider the function of your room, the natural light source and the mood you are looking to achieve in your room. With this in mind, you can transform the look and feel of your home!

Knowing the function of your room will allow you to select the appropriate type of lights and placement in the room. For instance, a reading room will have soft lights with intentionally placed reading lamps whereas a kitchen will be a lot brighter and will be equipped with a number of task lights – each room can have very different functions therefore using different light sources and equipment.

Once you have determined the function for each room, you should then discover the natural or ambient light provided throughout the day. In the morning, afternoon and evening, take the time to turn off all your lights and see where the natural light source may come from and how it can be appropriately supported. You may have a street lamp right outside your living room that still provides a considerable amount of light, meaning you may not need to add as much light as you would have assumed for the evenings.

Lastly, you should determine the specific mood you are looking to achieve for your room. Romantic, bright, warm, calm, energetic – there is a number of different effects you could be searching for based on your room and décor. In a living room, we generally recommend a central light to add to the ambient light in the room and then use small accent lights to highlight main decorative objects in your room like a painting, mirror or even a plant.

With the function, natural light source and mood of your room in mind, you can transform your home with simple adjustments to your lighting. For more tips on how to improve the lighting of your home or to have a professional help with the installation, contact Expert Electric at 604-681-8338.