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How to keep your home warm in the Winter

Dec 12, 2016 | Electrical Tips

Winter is in full swing in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. Winter in British Columbia usually means a severe drop in temperature, possible snowfall and an unfortunate spike in the electrical bill. We often get asked whether or not it is possible to keep a home warm during the Winter season without breaking the budget. Absolutely it is! The licensed electricians at Expert Electric offer a variety of residential electrical services and cost-effective tips that can help clients keep their homes warm during the holidays. For more on this, read our list below for tips on how to keep your home warm in the Winter season.

Use a programmable thermostat

One of the best ways to keep your home warm in the Winter is by installing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats have been proven to significantly reduce the electrical bill of residential homes while keeping residents warm when it counts. Rather than continuously adjusting the thermostat throughout the day, program it so that it keeps you warm when you are at home, and does not waste energy when you are away at work. If you are unsure of what model of thermostat to purchase or what settings are best, contact the licensed electricians at Expert Electric.

Make friends with the sun

Using the sun to your home’s advantage is the most cost-effective way to warm up your home during the Winter. If your home has lots of windows, Expert Electric recommends opening the curtains and letting Mr. Sunshine go to work during the day. The best thing about taking advantage of the sun’s rays is that you will not be billed for them at the end of the month.

Make sure your heating registers and vents are clutter-free

In order for heating registers and vents to work properly, they need to be free of furniture and other household items that could be blocking the air flow and the circulation of heat. Keep your home warm this winter by making sure that any vents and heat registers are clutter-free and able to properly distribute heat throughout.

Keep your doors closed

This may seem obvious to some but keeping your doors both closed and locked is a simple way to keep your home warm during the Winter season. This applies to all the doors in homes, not just doors to the outside. Determine which rooms in your home are used the most frequently. These are the rooms that you will want to focus on keeping warm. By keeping the doors to these rooms closed whenever possible, it will create a sauna effect and allow the heat to become more effective in spaces where it counts.

For more tips on how to keep your home warm this Winter, or to learn more about electric heating options, please call the licensed electricians at Expert Electric. You can reach us at 604-681-8338 or book an appointment through our website. We offer a large variety of electrical services that can help keep your residential home warm and toasty throughout the Winter season without breaking your budget. Expert Electric offers flexible scheduling, written estimates and complete customer satisfaction. Don’t let the cold get to you this holiday season. Contact the trusted team at Expert Electric.