How to Deal With Too Little Light in a Master Bedroom

May 7, 2020 | Electrical Tips, Home Electricity Applications, Lighting Design, Residential Electricity

With many master bedrooms, it is a common design trend to not feature overhead lighting or any other integrated lighting system and to instead rely on floor lamps or bedside table lamps. While this trend lends itself to a simple, moody aesthetic, it can also make the room darker than many people want their bedroom to be. If you find that this situation is familiar, it can be worth knowing how to deal with too little light in a master bedroom. At Expert Electric, we offer all kinds of residential electrical services, including bedroom light fixture installations.

Residential Electrical Issues: Too Little Light in the Master Bedroom

Ceiling lights are the most common type of lighting throughout most houses, but they are often not included in master bedrooms. The light switches in master bedrooms are often connected to specific outlets located next to the space where a bed is supposed to be so that bedside lamps can be used as the primary lighting; however, these lamps often do not give off a desirable amount of light. Although some people may prefer this method of lighting a bedroom, it is insufficient for many others, especially those who use their bedrooms for purposes other than sleeping such as an office or gym space.

How to Bring More Lighting into a Master Bedroom

There are many quick fixes that can help to bring more light into a master bedroom, but they are limited in how far they can take you. Painting the bedroom a light colour, adding in a large mirror, and using brightly coloured or contrasting furniture can all help to give the illusion of more light, but there is no better solution than to simply add light fixtures to the room. There are many different kinds of light fixtures that can be used, including sconces, floor lighting, and ceiling fixtures, and many different styles within each type. Installing a new light fixture is a complicated process, so it is important that you always contact a certified electrician to complete the job for you.

While sconce lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, and other types of lights will need to be hard-wired into your electrical circuits, floor lamps can usually be plugged in fairly simply. The issue with floor lamps is that they will not usually be on the same circuit as the light switch, meaning that you will have to turn them on and off at the source every time you want to use them. If you are hoping to add floor lighting to your bedroom, talk with an electrician about the possibility of adding in an outlet for the light that is wired to the light switch near the entrance to the bedroom.

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