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How to Cut Energy Costs for Commercial Buildings

Nov 23, 2021 | Commercial Electricity

Regarding commercial facilities such as office buildings, restaurants, and warehouses, energy costs can account for one of their most significant expenses over time. That is why businesses of all sizes must understand how to cut energy costs for commercial buildings and save money. As leading providers of commercial electrical services, the team at Expert Electric understands how many elements can contribute to energy consumption. That is why we have compiled a list of effective methods to reduce energy consumption and costs throughout the year.

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5 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

The following devices, products, and techniques can help any business reduce their energy consumption:

1. Smart Thermostats

Heating and cooling systems are significant energy consumers in commercial spaces, particularly in regions experiencing extreme seasonal temperatures. The demand for comfortable indoor environments can lead to substantial energy usage and high utility bills. However, integrating smart thermostat systems in commercial buildings presents an innovative solution to this challenge. By intelligently managing HVAC operations, smart thermostats ensure that heating and cooling are provided only when necessary, such as during working hours when employees are present. This targeted approach avoids energy wastage by preventing the HVAC system from running during unoccupied hours, thereby reducing energy costs.

Moreover, these systems offer the flexibility to adjust settings remotely and can learn from your usage patterns to optimize energy consumption further. Implementing a smart thermostat system can achieve a balance between maintaining a comfortable workplace and minimizing energy expenses, making it a wise investment for any commercial facility aiming to enhance its energy efficiency.

How to Cut Energy Costs for Commercial Buildings

2. Better Insulation and Windows

Insulation and windows play a pivotal role in maintaining a building’s temperature, significantly influencing energy efficiency throughout the year. During winter, effective insulation and robust windows keep the heat in, reducing the need for excessive heating. Conversely, in the summer, they help maintain a cooler interior by preventing heat intrusion. Inadequate or outdated insulation, along with thin windows, can lead to a substantial loss of energy, as they allow external weather conditions to dramatically alter your facility’s internal climate. This not only impacts comfort but also drives up energy costs due to increased demand on heating and cooling systems.

Investing in higher quality insulation and opting for double or triple-pane windows can enhance your building’s thermal performance, leading to considerable energy savings. Such upgrades not only contribute to a more sustainable operation but also improve the overall comfort and value of the facility, making it a wise decision for those looking to reduce their energy expenditures and enhance their building’s efficiency.

3. Efficient Appliances, Equipment, and Lighting

If your facility is still utilizing outdated appliances and lighting systems, you’re likely experiencing higher energy consumption than necessary. Older models are generally less efficient, using more energy to perform the same tasks as their modern counterparts. Upgrading to contemporary appliances, equipment, and lighting systems represents a considerable upfront investment, but it’s an investment that offers substantial returns. Modern, energy-efficient products are designed to use less power, reducing your facility’s energy bills and contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Over time, the savings accrued from lower energy bills can offset the initial costs of these upgrades. Additionally, newer equipment often comes with the added benefits of enhanced performance, reliability, and advanced features, further justifying the investment. By switching to modern, energy-efficient products, your facility can enjoy reduced operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

How to Cut Energy Costs for Commercial Buildings

4. Utilize Natural Light During the Day

Leveraging natural light within your commercial facility effectively reduces energy expenses throughout the day. By capitalizing on sunlight, you can significantly reduce the reliance on artificial lighting, which, in turn, cuts down on energy consumption and costs. For areas within your facility that are dim or lack sufficient windows, considering the installation of additional windows can be a transformative step. Not only does this increase the infusion of natural light, enhancing the ambiance and mood within the space, but it also contributes to energy savings over time.

Enhanced natural lighting can improve employee well-being and productivity while reducing your carbon footprint and utility bills. If adding new windows isn’t feasible, exploring alternative solutions like skylights or light tubes could also be beneficial in harnessing natural light and promoting a sustainable, cost-effective energy plan for your commercial space.

5. Monitoring and Control

Actively monitoring your energy consumption is a crucial strategy for effectively managing and reducing your monthly energy costs. By identifying which aspects of your operation consume the most energy, you can tailor specific strategies to target these high-consumption areas. Encouraging a culture of energy consciousness in the workplace is equally important. Regularly reminding employees to switch off devices not in use and engaging them in energy-saving initiatives fosters a collective responsibility to reduce energy wastage. Such proactive measures contribute to significant cost savings and promote sustainable business practices.

Implementing energy-efficient habits among staff can transform, and the energy usage dynamics of your organization, leading to a noticeable decrease in utility bills and fostering a more environmentally friendly workplace.

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