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Home Office Electrical Requirements

Mar 9, 2015 | Residential Electricity

Working from home is not only convenient but it is economical. Many people run businesses out of their homes and for those of you who are thinking about doing the same – you can too. Change a room in your home into a fully functioning office with our help.

Dedicated Phone Line

One thing that most businesses have is a phone number. You may not want your business calls being directed to your home phone number otherwise you will have family members answering for you and after-hours business calls you may not have wanted to answer. We can help install a separate phone line in your office so you can have a dedicated, business phone number. This way your business and home communication are completely independent from each other.

Sufficient Power

When designing and setting up your home office, keep in mind which electronics are going where and how much power they will require. If you have a laser or large sized printer in your office, it may have a heavy draw on your power supply. Ensure that the circuit that your home office is on and the GFCI outlet can handle the load of your printer, computer, and any other electronics you need. You don’t want to trip the breaker and cause a power outage by printing out a document for one of your clients. Have one of our expert electricians review the wiring setup and test the outlet before you set up your electronics.


If you’re having meetings in your office, a proper lighting set up is important. Sometimes your office can be located in an area of the home that does not receive sufficient exterior light. Having a dimly lit room for meetings can disrupt the workflow and make it uncomfortable for all attendees. Assess the light levels at different intervals to see if you require improvements in your overhead lighting. Installing pot lights or track lights can create a comfortable atmosphere and makes it much easier to work.

When you setup your office at home you were likely thinking about economics and efficiency. With our help we can make sure that you are making the most out of your home office and that it is a place of efficiency that doesn’t overflow into your down time. If you have any questions about setting up your home office, contact your local Expert Electric – we would love to help you get started.