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Expert Electric Safety tips for Halloween

Oct 30, 2013 | Electrical Safety

pumpkn1. Be mindful with electrical outlets when plugging in you spooky Halloween decoration make sure you do not overload outlets. For outdoor decorations please follow safety instructions by reading the instruction supplied.

2. Make sure that you front entrance is safe for Trick or Treaters. Make sure your steps are not filled with wires and tripping devices for children.

3. Safety while driving: please pay close attention when you driving in your neighbourhood. Follow speed limits and go slow. Keep a lookout for Trick-a-Teaters.

4. Educate your child about road safety when kids go out trick treating ask them to be aware to look both ways before crossing. Do not go alone but with friends and do not approach houses that don’t have any lights on.

5. Candy Safety Check: let your child know that you have to examine the wrappers for any treats before he or she can have it. This way if any wrappers look like it has been opened or tampered with you can discard the candy.