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Electrical Transformers: What You Need to Know

Aug 5, 2016 | Electrical Safety

What is an electrical transformer? Well, chances are you’ve seen one before, possibly without knowing it. They come in all shapes and sizes and there’s likely one in your neighbourhood or possibly even in your toy train set. And no, we’re not referring to any type of extraterrestrial robot. Larger ones are usually grouped together and can often be found enclosed in isolated, fenced-off areas or power plants. Although at some point in time, you’ve probably been told not to get too close to one, their function might still be unclear. We get more in depth about their overall purpose below:

What is an electrical transformer?

Electrical transformers are electrical devices used to transfer electricity from high voltages to low voltages and vice versa. Most electrical transformers are built for the latter. Without getting too technical, the process used to transform this energy is known as electromagnetic induction which utilizes magnetic fields throughout the process.

What are electrical transformers used for?

There are many different types of electrical transformers that serve different purposes depending on the size of the task. Everyday uses around the household may include powering appliances, equipment and even children’s toys. The power that stems from large power plants is usually too powerful for its intended use; therefore, an electrical transformer is used to downsize the electricity into an appropriate voltage that is then transferred through coils.

What are the benefits?

Aside from powering our home appliances and equipment, electrical transformers have an enormous impact on our everyday lives. Many homes and businesses aren’t located within a close enough proximity to a power plant. So how do these homes and business’s get enough energy to operate? That’s where electrical transformers come in handy. The technology behind these transformers allows them to transfer energy from far away at an impressive speed. The next time you heat up a meal in the microwave or flick on the lights in your house, you’ll know exactly where that energy came from!

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