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Electrical Pool Safety

May 28, 2015 | Residential Electricity

As temperatures rise and the sun graces us with its warmth, the upcoming summer promises delightful weather. With longer days and balmy evenings on the horizon, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for outdoor activities, gatherings with loved ones, and the simple joys of basking in the sun.

With the extended daylight, opportunities for leisurely strolls, picnics in the park, and refreshing dips in the pool become more appealing. Whether it’s a spontaneous beach trip, a backyard barbecue with friends, or a tranquil evening watching the sunset, the summer months offer countless ways to unwind and embrace the season’s vibrant energy.

From vibrant festivals and bustling outdoor markets to peaceful moments spent lounging in a hammock, the carefree spirit of summer is enchanting. As we eagerly await this sun-kissed season, let’s prepare to savor every moment of warmth, relaxation, and joy that it brings.

Pool Safety

If you have a pool, you’ll likely be using it frequently. It’s crucial to ensure your pool is safe, especially if it’s the first season you’ll be using it or if it has an electrical system. A recommended inspection can ensure that your family and guests are safe when swimming.

Electrical Pool Safety

Heating System

To regulate your pool’s temperature, you likely have a heating/cooling system connected to your home’s electrical system or a solar-powered generator with wires above or below ground. Over the past few seasons, your pool and its wires might have suffered damage from the elements or animals, potentially resulting in exposed wires. All wires connected to the pool should be inspected. Any contact between the water and electrical wires could cause a serious electrical shock to swimmers. Before filling up your pool and turning on the temperature regulation system, ensure there is no risk of electrical contact.

Retractable Covers

For those with in-ground pools, an automatic cover may be installed. This feature allows you to retract and expand your pool cover with the touch of a button, avoiding manual labor. However, the electrical components of the cover sit very close to the water. Like your heating system wires, ensure your retractable cover is inspected carefully for cracked, broken, or exposed electrical wires. Contact with water could cause a shock and short out the automatic cover system.

Electrical Wire Contact

If you are installing an in-ground pool or setting up an above-ground pool, note any electrical wires in the area. This includes outside meters attached to your home, electrical outlets, and power lines running from or around your home. Splashing water can create an opportunity for electricity to travel through the water toward the pool. Review the area available and create safe distances between the pool and electrical wires.

Consider each of these items before you start enjoying your pool. Avoid damaged electrical wire systems and potential harm to swimmers by having a professional electrician review your pool setup. For a proper inspection by a licensed professional, contact your local Expert Electric.

Electrical Pool Safety

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