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Electrical Car Charger Installations & Requirements

Apr 28, 2015 | Residential Electricity

Electric CarPart of the recent trend to go eco-friendly has been the emergence of electrical cars. Electrical cars emit no pollution and eliminate trips to the gas station, saving you money. Instead of going to the gas station though, you will need to find another destination to top up your new vehicle electric car’s batteries. Installing a car charger in your home makes it convenient and efficient to fill up every day.

Choose a Charging Location

Most electrical vehicles can be charged over the course of a night. For those commuting daily with an electrical vehicle, this ensures that you are charged and ready to go every morning. A car charger is likely to be installed at the location where the car is parked for the night. This is likely either in a carport or garage, but this doesn’t mean it cannot be installed outside. If you decide that the best location for your charger is not a covered area, (this may be the case for a housing complex installing a station), make sure that you purchase an outdoor charger.

Choose the Right Charger

When you are ready to purchase your indoor or outdoor charger, review your vehicle’s owner manual for the recommended charger requirements. The car may require either a level 1 or a level 2 charger and should specify a recommended voltage and amperage. Chargers can be purchased at a variety of different retailers. Some cars come standard with a 120V charger or a faster 240V charger. Once you have determined the specifications for your charger you can purchase the right one for your vehicle.

Meet the Requirements

Electrical car chargers can be used on standard 120V outlets, but for faster charging, 240V chargers can be purchased. Even if the charger you purchased can be plugged into a standard outlet, it is recommended that you have your outlet and wiring inspected by a professional. The charging will increase the load on your electrical system. If your wiring, breaker or electrical meter is too old, you could run into issues. It is advised that if you are using a 240V charger, a dedicated circuit is installed for it.

If you are interested in having an electric car charging station installed in your home, contact Expert Electric. We can help identify the requirements and ensure that your home is prepared to charge your new vehicle. Call your local Expert Electric at 604-681-8338.