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Electrical Ballast Replacement

Nov 8, 2016 | Electrical Tips

Electrical ballast replacements are frequently undertaken in residential and commercial buildings. A crucial component of lighting systems, an electrical ballast regulates electrical currents, ensuring they remain at manageable levels.

Ballasts protect the integrity of the lighting system and enhance its longevity. In residential settings, ballast replacements may be necessary to maintain proper lighting conditions, while in commercial environments, they are often part of routine maintenance or upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Given their essential role in controlling electrical currents, malfunctioning or outdated ballasts can lead to various issues, including flickering lights, reduced illumination, or electrical hazards. Therefore, timely replacement or upgrading of ballasts is crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of lighting systems in both residential and commercial settings. Whether upgrading to more energy-efficient models or addressing malfunctioning ballasts, consulting a qualified electrician can help ensure optimal performance and safety in any lighting system.

A typical application of electrical ballasts is those found in any type of light structure, such as fluorescent or neon lighting systems. Depending on the size of the replacement project, a licensed electrician isn’t always necessary; however, if you don’t have the proper tools or experience, it is a good idea to consult a licensed electrician before attempting the replacement. To simplify the procedure, here are the answers to three common questions about electrical ballast replacement.

What is an electrical ballast replacement?

Similar to replacing a light bulb, if you have any type of neon or fluorescent light, you will eventually need to replace the electrical ballast in the lighting structure. Replacing the electrical ballast is a more reasonable solution than replacing the entire neon or fluorescent light structure. You will know when to replace the electrical ballast because the light will begin flickering or stop working entirely.

Can I do a ballast replacement on my own?

Yes, you can perform a ballast replacement yourself. While ballast replacement can be a simple procedure, if not done properly, you can damage not only your replacement bulb but also the fixture. Before performing the replacement yourself, make sure you are confident and understand all the steps involved, or you could end up with expensive bills you were trying to avoid. If you require assistance or If you have qu, questions about electrical ballast replacemethat nt, contact our team of licensed electricians at Expert Electric. We would be happy to help.

Electrical Ballast Replacement

What tools do I need to do a ballast replacement?

Thankfully, an electrical ballast replacement does not require a fully stocked tool shed to be completed. A few simple tools will do the trick for most electrical ballast replacements. Depending on for most electrical ballast replacements the type and size of your replacement, may require a simple screwdriver, nut driver, drill, pliers, and wire stripper. This is in addition to the new electrical ballast you will replace.

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