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Controlling Your Fall & Winter Energy Bills

Oct 21, 2013 | Save Energy, Save Money on Electricity

Now that winter is around the corner and the temperature is already dropping, the heating bills will start to increase. Here are a few ways you can keep down your expenses this season.

  • Lower the thermostat at night – Wrap yourself up in bed and turn down the thermostat by 10 degrees. If you are not moving around the house, don’t use energy you don’t need.
  • Efficiency in LED – When stringing up your Christmas lights this year, try some LEDs. They are more efficient than traditional bulbs and still deliver great light.
  • Keep your heaters maintained – Have a professional service your boiler or furnace. Keeping them cleaned and changing your filters will help your heating systems run efficiently.
  • Close up the drafts – Look for possible leaks and drafts in your house and get them sealed up. Loosing warm air will cost you.
  • Unplug unused lights – During the day and before you go to bed, unplug your Christmas lights. If they are not being used they don’t need to be connected to the wall. Also, try to be efficient with your Christmas lights and don’t leave them on for more than 6 hours.

A brief word about Space Heaters

Using electrical space heaters will also help you control the heating expenses. Electrical space heaters are a cheap way to heat only the rooms that you are using. They will be more efficient then turning up the thermostat for the whole house, but don’t leave them running all day. Just make sure that you keep your heaters away from curtains and furniture, and keep any children or pets from burning themselves.

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