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Changing a Light Switch to a Dimmer Switch

Jul 9, 2020 | Installation Tips, Interior Lighting, Licensed Electrician Tips, Residential Electricity

A dim switch can be a great way to control the lighting in your home and optimize it for various situations, such as parties, movie nights, romantic evenings, or simple daily preferences. Even though the task can be performed by a homeowner with experience in minor electrical alterations, changing a light switch to a dimmer switch can be dangerous without the right expertise, so it is always best to call a licensed electrician like the ones at Expert Electric.

How Do Dimmer Switches Work?

Dimmer switches limit the amount of electricity running through a circuit that leads to a light fixture to reduce the amount of light produced. Modern dimmer switches use semiconductors to change the circuit between the off and on states rapidly. Dimmer switches can be applied to most types of residential lights; however, make sure that you check with an electrician before installing a dimmer switch since some systems, like fluorescent lights or circuits with more than one switch controlling the light, require specialized setups.

How to Change a Light Switch into a Dimmer Switch

Suppose you are comfortable around electrical systems and have executed similar tasks. In that case, it is possible to replace a light switch with a dimmer switch using the following steps:

Cut Off the Circuit’s Power

Before starting any electrical task, the initial step is deactivating power to the relevant circuit. Locate your breaker box and switch off the power for the room where you’ll be working. Use a voltage tester to verify that the circuit is indeed deactivated and safe to work on. This essential tool will ensure that you avoid the risk of electric shock while performing your electrical tasks. Always prioritize safety when working with electricity by following these precautionary measures before proceeding with any electrical work.

Remove the Old Light Switch

Begin by removing the cover plate from the light switch box, followed by loosening the screws and securing the switch to the wall box. Carefully extract the switch from the box and detach all wires connected to the old switch.

Connect the New Dimmer Switch

Check the wires that you disconnected from the old switch. If the ends are bent or twisted, you will need to cut off the ends and strip the ends of the wire to create new connections. Connect the ground wire from the wall to the bare copper wire on the new dimmer switch or to the area that says “Ground.” Connect the other wires from the wall with their matching colored wires on the dimmer switch.

Some dimmer switches will have a simple slot to plug the cables into, while others will require you to twist the wires together and cover them with a wire nut. You can insert the new switch into the wall box and replace the cover plate.

Changing a Light Switch to a Dimmer Switch

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