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Feb 17, 2015 | Commercial Lighting, Outdoor lighting, Security lighting

We have 168 hours in the week, and most of us spend 40 of those hours at our office. If we are spending this much time in one place, we want to make it a comfortable atmosphere for ourselves and others who are visiting. The appearance of your business can be influenced heavily by its lighting. Here are some business lighting solutions to keep in mind to help yourself and your business.

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Lighting Design

The last thing you want is to be sitting in a dark space day after day. Getting the proper lighting in your office will help lift your energy and make your space more enjoyable. When you look at your office space, can you identify dark spaces or dimly lit areas? If so, you are most likely in need of a lighting redesign. Using pot lights and spot lights can help to brighten up even the darkest corners without adding large fixtures to your space and reducing the height of the room. In rooms where you have no natural light at all, it is especially important that you have substantial lighting. Having only light from your monitor can create stress on your eyes.  Let an expert review your space and get your ceiling connected correctly with the right lighting.

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Outdoor Lighting

For those businesses that are looking for foot traffic even at the late hours of the day or night, this is a big one to consider. The outside of your building should be well lit for potential customers to see. Not only does it make your business more appealing, but it also adds safety for both your customers and employees. Adding outdoor spot lights and overhead lighting can make all routes to your business visible and safer for everyone.

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Backup Power

At this point most of us are tethered to our computers. Without them, little work can be done. So, if a power outage occurs, you could be looking at hours of downtime. Installing a backup generator can help to protect you from the unproductive hours. If a power outage occurs, the backup generator will engage to keep your electronics up and running. Computers, printers, registers, and tills can be continually used. An investment like this can pay for itself over the years.

Making your work a more enjoyable place can start with simple steps, like upgrading your lighting. Have one of our expert electricians visit your business and we can help you not only make it enjoyable for you and your customers, but more productive and safe. Contact your local Expert Electric today.