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Benefits of Commercial Lighting Upgrades

Apr 27, 2022 | Commercial Electricity, Commercial Lighting

When it comes to commercial and industrial operations, the amount of power that can be used by lighting systems during a typical day is often surprising. While paying for lighting is inevitable for every business, the amount that is paid can be significantly reduced through a large-scale lighting system upgrade. As a leading provider of complete commercial electrical solutions and electrical service upgrades, Expert Electric knows that there are many benefits of commercial lighting upgrades in addition to cost savings. That is why we have compiled a list of these benefits to demonstrate why a large-scale upgrade is worth the investment.

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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’s Lighting System

A complete commercial lighting upgrade can provide the following benefits for operations of all sizes:

1. Energy Savings

The most obvious and immediate benefit of a commercial lighting upgrade is the reduced energy costs. By upgrading lighting components to more efficient and advanced LED systems, operations can cut down on energy consumption and reduce energy bills without negatively impacting light quality. Upgraded lighting systems can also be integrated with various smart systems, motion detectors, and other technology, allowing you to further reduce energy costs while allowing for complete control of your lighting throughout the day.

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2. Improved Light Quality

Commercial lighting upgrades can improve light quality by targeting areas with pre-existing problems and using specific design considerations for these issues. Newer lighting technologies can increase visibility throughout your facility while ensuring more consistent performance. In addition to added reliability, newer systems often provide greater light output, improved colour, reduced flicker, and less glare than incandescent or fluorescent systems.

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3. Reduced Maintenance and Labour

Most energy-efficient lighting upgrades also reduce maintenance costs due to the increased lifespan of LED-based systems. These systems also require less repairs throughout their usable life due to streamlined designs and fewer components, further reducing costs. A large-scale lighting upgrade also presents an opportunity to replace other outdated electrical equipment and wiring, further increasing performance while reducing maintenance requirements and costs for various elements of your facility.

4. Enhanced Worker Productivity and Safety

Visibility is crucial for worker productivity and safety, especially in fast-paced environments with heavy equipment. A lack of visibility can drastically increase the risk of collisions, dropped products, and other accidents, making lighting upgrades a worthwhile investment. While it can be difficult to assign a precise monetary value to the relationship between an energy-efficient lighting system and worker productivity, there is little doubt that workers are more productive when they feel safe and are not constantly exposed to the harsh glare of outdated lighting systems.

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