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Ballast Replacement

May 17, 2016 | Commercial Lighting

Fluorescent ballasts are used in many industrial warehouses as they offer cheap and efficient lighting. These ballasts can last decades but depending on the type of environment (extreme cold/extreme heat), may be subject to a shorter lifespan. Check your ballast fixtures for these warning signs to see if it is time for a ballast replacement.

Signs of a bad ballast fixture

There are several signs that can indicate to you that it is time to replace your ballast these include:

  • The ballast gives off a humming
  • Fluorescent lights flicker even if a new bulb is inserted
  • Bulbs no longer turn on, even if a new bulb is inserted

If your ballast fixtures have any of these signs, it could mean that they are in need of replacement. Before scheduling and planning to have your ballasts replace, replace the bulbs with brand new bulbs. At times issues can relate to a specific bulb and not the ballast, giving off false symptoms.

Replacing a ballast

For many handy people, they will feel confident in replacing a ballast themselves. If you are replacing a ballast yourself, please use the proper protective equipment and ensure that all power to the ballast is turned off to prevent electrocution. As part of the ballast replacement you will be required to cut and rewire the electrical wires. This can be technical and a mistake in the process can result in damage to the new fixture, bulbs, and possible electrocution. If you are not comfortable or knowledgeable with the process of ballast replacement, we would highly recommend that you contact a licenced electrician to complete the installation for you. This way you can be sure you will be left with a working ballast that is correctly installed and safe.

If your workplace, garage, or home is in need of ballast replacements, contact Expert Electric at 604-681-8338. One of our licensed electricians can help to diagnose the issues being experienced and bring everything back to working condition.