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Ballast Replacement

May 17, 2016 | Commercial Lighting

Fluorescent ballasts are integral components of lighting systems found in numerous industrial warehouses, renowned for their affordability and energy efficiency. These ballasts serve as control devices that regulate the flow of electricity to fluorescent lamps, ensuring optimal lighting output. By efficiently managing the electrical current, fluorescent ballasts contribute to lower energy consumption, making them a preferred choice for large-scale lighting solutions in industrial settings.

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, fluorescent ballasts offer consistent and flicker-free illumination, enhancing warehouse visibility and productivity. Their widespread use in industrial environments underscores their reliability and effectiveness in providing ample lighting for various tasks and operations. Moreover, fluorescent ballasts are compatible with a wide range of fluorescent lamp types, offering flexibility in lighting design and customization to suit specific requirements.

Despite their numerous advantages, proper maintenance and occasional replacement may be necessary to ensure continued functionality and safety. Regular inspections and servicing help identify potential issues and prevent disruptions to lighting operations. Fluorescent ballasts are crucial in illuminating industrial warehouses efficiently and cost-effectively, contributing to enhanced productivity and safety in these environments.

These ballasts can last decades, but depending on the type of environment (extreme cold/extreme heat), they may be subject to a shorter lifespan. Check your ballast fixtures for these warning signs to see if it is time for a replacement.

Signs of a deficient ballast fixture

Several signs indicate that it is time to replace your ballast. These include:

  • The ballast gives off a humming
  • Fluorescent lights flicker even if a new bulb is inserted
  • Bulbs no longer turn on, even if a new bulb is inserted

If your ballast fixtures exhibit any of the following signs, it clearly indicates that they may require replacement. Signs to watch for include flickering or dimming lights, buzzing or humming noises emanating from the fixture, frequent bulb burnouts or failures, or visible signs of damage such as cracks or discoloration in the ballast housing. These symptoms often indicate that the ballast is failing or malfunctioning, and compromising the performance and safety of your lighting system.

Ignoring these warning signs can lead to further issues, such as electrical hazards, decreased energy efficiency, and reduced illumination quality. Therefore, it’s essential to address any suspected ballast issues promptly to ensure your lighting fixtures’ continued functionality and safety. By replacing faulty ballasts with new, reliable ones; you can restore optimal lighting performance, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate potential safety risks associated with malfunctioning electrical components.

Before scheduling and planning to have your ballasts replaced, replace the bulbs with brand-new bulbs. Issues can sometimes relate to a specific bulb, not the ballast, giving off false symptoms.

Ballast Replacement

Replacing a ballast

Many handy people will feel confident in replacing it themselves. If you are replacing a ballast yourself, please use the proper protective equipment and ensure that all power to the ballast is turned off to prevent electrocution. You must cut and rewire the electrical wires as part of the ballast replacement. This can be technical, and a mistake in the process can damage the new fixture bulbs and possibly electrocution. If you are not comfortable or knowledgeable about the process of ballast replacement, we highly recommend contacting a licensed electrician to complete the installation for you. This way, you can be sure you will be left with a working ballast that is correctly installed and safe.

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