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Air Conditioning Units: What are the Types and Which is Best?

Jul 15, 2015 | Residential Electricity

The weather outside has been quite hot, and the temperature has reached and exceeded 30 degrees lately. Your electrical bill is probably rising with the temperature as well. Now, many have started visiting to search for an air conditiong unit. This is a great way to cool down your home, but if your home’s electrical system is not prepared for the electrical load or you purch,ase the wrong unit, you could be left sweating more money than you expected.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Air Conditioning Units

Window-Mounted Units

Window-mounted air conditioning units are common in bedrooms or living rooms. These can be purchased from any local home appliance store. These units are mounted in the window and secured. These units pump in cold air and exhaust hot air to the outside, which is great for frequented rooms and difficult to keep cool.

Portable Air Conditioners

The small units can also be purchased from your local appliance store. These smaller units cannot cool the same area as a window-mounted unit but can do the trick for small areas that you want to keep cool. The advantage of these is that you can quickly move them from room to room with little setup and takedown. One disadvantage of these units is that they tend to be quite noisy.

Central Air Conditioning:

You may be fortunate enough to have one of these installed in your home. Central air units can be connected by ducts throughout the house, and the temperature set in the home can be regulated. A central air unit is great for getting a consistently cool temperature in any room in the home while also keeping the noise to a minimum. One trick regarding central air is ensuring that you get a unit that matches the square footage of your home. If your air conditioning unit is too large for your home, it may not properly dehumidify and run on short cycles.

Purchasing & Preparing for an Air Conditioning Unit

When purchasing an A/C unit, you want to ensure that you have a timer and energy-saving option. This will help keep your monthly electrical bills down. Energy-efficient units will use less electricity, and timer options can prevent them from running when unnecessary. You also want to ensure the unit is the appropriate size for your room or home. If the unit is too large, it will cycle off quickly and can freeze air moisture without removing it, which can lead to a hig,her electrical bill.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit for your home, make sure to conduct thorough research to find the right unit in the appropriate size. Check the package for the required voltage and wattage. Adding an air conditioning unit could overload electrical circuits that are not prepared. If you have questions about your home’s electrical efficiency in the summer, call Expert Electric.

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