Advantages of Smart Home Wiring

Oct 26, 2021 | Electrical Tips, Energy Efficiency

Smart wiring systems combine various types of wires that are commonly found within a typical home into a single platform. This unified platform allows homeowners to easily manage and control technology (security cameras, thermostats, lights, television, etc.) throughout their home with their phone. While many people view smart home wiring as a fad or passing trend, it is an innovative system that provides a variety of benefits for all families and lifestyles. As leading providers of residential electrical services, the team at Expert Electric understands the many advantages of smart home wiring systems. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 major benefits to demonstrate how they can be beneficial for your home.

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5 Benefits of Smart Home Wiring Systems

Smart wiring systems provide the following benefits for all types of homes:

1. Easily Control Various Functions for Your Home

Smart wiring allows you to control various functions of your home with nothing more than your phone. These functions can be controlled at home or remotely, allowing for easy access to vital areas of your home. For example, homeowners can remotely lock their door if they forgot to do so when they left or control their thermostat to ensure that they are not wasting energy.

2. Optimize Security for Your Home

Including various safety devices in your smart home wiring system can optimize security for you and your family. You can connect different security devices such as video cameras and alarms to your mobile device, allowing you to activate and monitor these devices whenever you wish. Some of these devices will also send a notification to your phone in the event of a disturbance or security risk.

3. Compatibility with New Devices and Appliances

With a smart home wiring system, you can easily add new devices or appliances as you purchase them. This allows you to further improve the efficiency and liveability of your home based on changing needs or additional family members living in the space.

4. Improves the Function and Efficiency of Your Appliances

Many modern washing machines, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators feature wireless connectivity when paired with a smart home wiring system. This allows users to remotely operate them, adjust settings, and monitor their energy consumption, optimizing functionality and efficiency.

5. Manage Your Devices Easily

Smart wiring systems allow you to connect many devices to one interface, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and manage various elements of your home from your phone. This makes it easy to avoid excessive usage of certain devices while optimizing security, comfort, and liveability.

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