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Advantages of Home AFCI Breaker Circuit Protection

Jun 9, 2015 | Electrical Safety

Electrical fires pose a significant threat to homes, but fortunately, homeowners can take numerous preventive measures to reduce the risk. One common cause of electrical fires is overloaded circuits or extension cords, which can overheat and ignite nearby materials.

To prevent this, homeowners should avoid overloading outlets and invest in surge protectors to help regulate electrical flow. Also, faulty wiring or electrical appliances can spark fires if improperly maintained. A qualified electrician can regularly inspect wiring and appliances to help identify and address potential hazards before they escalate.

It’s also crucial to avoid the misuse of electrical devices, such as using appliances with frayed cords or placing flammable materials near outlets. Installing smoke detectors throughout the home and testing them regularly is essential for early detection of electrical fires. By staying vigilant and implementing these preventive measures, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires and keep their families and properties safe.

With all the tools on the market, knowing what to use to protect your home can be challenging. An arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) is essential to prevent electrical shorts and damage to circuits around your home.

What is an Arc Fault?

Arc faults occur when electricity leaves the circuit and the current travels to a different pathway. This can happen if a wire is cracked, cut, or broken. When the wire is exposed, the electricity can travel into the surrounding objects. When the electricity makes contact, it will heat up significantly, which can cause a fire. If this arcing occurs in your home, the surrounding materials are wood or insulation. Once an arc fire starts, it can do significant damage before you are made aware by the sound of your detector.

What is an AFCI?

An arc-fault circuit interrupter (ACFI) can be installed on receptacles and circuit breakers to shut off the flow of electricity when it detects an arc about to occur. Because arcs are a sudden power surge, standard circuit breakers may not shut off before the arc occurs as they are designed to prevent short circuits and overloads. Sudden power surges in the electrical system can happen when devices and appliances, like a vacuum cleaner or light switch, are turned on. These are everyday occurrences that will be detected by the ACFI and allowed. However, the ACFI also monitors the circuit for dangerous arcing and is ready to shut off the flow of electricity immediately when it occurs.

Advantages of Home AFCI Breaker Circuit Protection

Don’t Be Left Vulnerable

While many homes in Canada may have ACFIs installed, it has only sometimes been a requirement. For homes built before the new electrical code requirements in 2002, there are likely no ACFIs installed. This makes you vulnerable to arcs, which are more likely to occur in older homes due to aging wiring. Currently, it is standard to have ACFIs installed in all bedrooms.

Our Expert Elections are experienced in installing AFCIs. Our electricians can detect if AFCIs are currently installed in your home and which points of your electrical system are critical and should have one installed. Call your local Expert Electric now if you need clarification on your home protection.

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One critical aspect of modern electrical safety is the installation of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs). AFCIs help prevent electrical fires by detecting and interrupting arc faults, providing an essential layer of protection for your home.

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