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5 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Aug 13, 2020 | Lighting Design, Interior Lighting, Residential Electricity

Whether you are completely redesigning your kitchen or simply trying to get a little bit more light where you prepare your food, it is helpful to get design ideas for changing your kitchen lighting from experienced lighting design and installation professionals. At Expert Electric, we are always ready to offer insight into what kind of lighting solutions might work for our clients’ homes, and, to that end, here are five kitchen lighting design ideas that could work for a wide variety of homes.

5 Great Design Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

The right lighting design can make a world of difference for any kitchen. Lights can make a small space feel bigger, accentuate certain design features, set an ambiance, and offer better visibility to a workspace. Some ideas for kitchen lighting design include:

5 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Add a Feature Fixture

Many kitchens have the space to add a feature fixture that looks great and draws the eye. These fixtures are typically chandeliers or a collection of pendant lights. Because these fixtures are so visible, they normally set the tone for the rest of a kitchen’s lighting design. Make sure you go with something that reflects your home’s overall aesthetic. The best spot for these fixtures is usually over an island, counter peninsula, or kitchen table.

Add Options for Ambient Light

Extra ambient lighting options can be a great way to create an excellent ambiance for entertaining guests. Ambient lighting is the primary light source in most kitchens, as it is good to have options to alter the amount of light or the source of light being provided during certain times. Ambient lights typically take the form of spotlights, sconce lights, or track lights. A combination of these lights on separate circuits and dimmer switches can give you options for different events and times of the day.

Match the Lighting Temperature to Your Home

When looking at light bulbs and fixtures (especially when working with LEDs), it is essential to consider the type or color of light being given. Soft or warm light will go better with a more rustic or homey feel, while a cool or white light will work with a home that has a modern or industrial aesthetic.

Play with Accent Lights

Accent lights are not usually necessary, but they can produce a beautiful effect in a kitchen. Putting down lights under the counter or up lights on top of cabinets can be a great way to complete your kitchen’s look. Lights inside cabinets with glass doors can allow you to display cookware or china, and toe lighting can illuminate walkways.

5 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Be Creative with Task Lighting

Although most task lighting is straightforward and does not have much flair, it is possible to jazz up task lighting in certain areas. Cabinet lights are the most common option for task lighting, but pendant lights can be used in many spaces to spruce things up and add something to look at.

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