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Summer Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Safety Tips

Jul 15, 2016 | Electrical Safety

It’s important to remember while enjoying the summer weather, while outside or around the home, that there could be a variety of electrical hazards lingering. While not obvious at first, these issues could cause very serious (and potentially fatal) injury through electric shock. Our team at Expert Electric has created a list of common outdoor and indoor hazards to be aware of this summer.

Summer Outdoor Electrical Safety

Power Line Safety

Stay away from power lines with your body, toys, sticks, or anything an electrical current could travel down. Power lines transport extremely high voltage electrical energy. Venturing too close to a power line can create an opportunity for the electricity to flow to your body or object resulting in serious injury. If you see a fallen power line, call 911 immediately.

Outdoor Electrical Receptacles

Ensure all your outdoor electrical receptacles around the exterior of your home or shed are covered, clean and dry. If water or dirt enters the outlet it can result in electrical surges and shocks when the outlet is next used. Receptacle covers can be purchased at most home renovation retail stores.

Water & Outdoor Electrical Devices

Keep all power cords, string lights and electrical devices away from ponds, swimming pools, hot tubs or sprinklers. Summer can lend itself to a lot of splashing and water flying through the air. If water comes into contact with an electrical device there is a high risk of electrical shock. Do your best to keep electrical devices at a distance from the pool and water fights.

Summer Indoors Electrical Safety

GFCI Outlets

Ensure that you have GFCI’s (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets installed in certain areas of your home – namely rooms with running water mainly (bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement, pool rooms, etc.). These outlets can prevent electrical shock from happening with specially designed safety mechanisms.

Circuit Breaker Use

In an emergency, know where your circuit breakers are and how to turn them off safely. When a panicked situation occurs, it can be easy to become confused and flustered. If you are knowledgeable interacting with your circuit breaker you will be more confident in the event of an emergency.

Portable Fan Safety

Before plugging in a fan, make sure that it is clean and there are no wires frayed or damaged. Occulting fans are often stored for most of the year. During storage power cords can become damaged and electrical wires exposed. Exposed wires leave you vulnerable to electrical shock when the fan is plugged in again.

Air Conditioning Unit Safety

Be sure to have any portable air conditioning units securely positioned and electrical cords tucked away. These are tripping hazards that can lead to either electrical shock or a heavy unit falling down. It’s also important to follow the manufacturers instructions on maintaining and servicing the unit to prevent damage to the home’s electrical system and personal injury.

It is important to be aware of potential electrical hazards in order to identify and avoid them. Our team of trained and licensed electricians are happy to help you ensure your home and family are safe from electrical hazards. If you would like more information on electrical safety tips to be aware of during the summer or general, contact Expert Electric today at 604-681- 8338.