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Electrical Safety Checklist for Outdoors

Oct 9, 2013 | Electrical Safety

In one of our recent blog articles, we discussed Indoor Electrical Safety and the areas of your home you should be aware of in order to prevent a fire or potential injury.

In this article, we will be going over Outdoor Electrical Safety – safety measures that are just as important if not more important than indoor electrical safety measures. Being outdoors, your devices, tools, or cords are exposed to temperature change, weathering and tampering that could reduce the safety and security of your home.

Review and follow these basic safety rules when using electricity outdoors. If your outdoor activities do not abide by the safety guidelines discussed, consult an electrician and immediately resolve the issue.

Safety Rules:

  • Hot Tubs & Pools – Keep cords and outlets dry and away from water. Use a GFCI outlets near damp areas to prevent electrocution.
  • Extension Cords – Only use extension cords marked “For Outdoor Use.”
  • Lawn Mowing – Before cutting your grass, remove all rocks, branches and wires to prevent them from getting caught in the motor or being thrown by the blade. Only mow in daylight (avoid wet grass).
  • Power Tools – Always use a three-prong cord and a GFCI outlet when using power tools.

For more indoor or outdoor safety rules and guidelines, contact Expert Electric. 604-681-8338.