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Measuring Your Energy Usage

Nov 6, 2013 | Save Energy, Save Money on Electricity

Many of us can forget about our households energy consumption in the mist of busy daily life.  However, for those who look a bit deeper into specific energy costs, families will be able to determine where their homes’ energy is going and can make adjustments to reduce their energy bills.

Energy Consumption
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as much as 45% of your homes’ energy goes towards space heating. This means your heating, cooling, and air conditioning system is going to have a huge impact on your usage. Make sure you have checked your house for any leaks and that the appropriate insulation is installed or you will be losing heat that you have paid for.

Much of your other costs are coming from appliances and lighting. Lighting costs can be controlled by using energy efficient bulbs like LEDs. Make sure you are also turning off the lights in rooms you are not using. When running your appliances, try to use them only when you have full loads. It goes without saying that running the dishwasher or washing machine at half capacity will cost you more. If you can bundle more or wait for a larger load you can keep the number of times you are running your appliances down.

Measuring Your Usage
One way to determine your usage is to use an energy monitor. These types of devices cost around $30 to $40. They will let you know how much energy you are using to turn on and run these appliances or electronics. BC Hydro has also supplied a calculator you can use to estimate the cost per year. Sometimes upgrading your appliances can save you hundreds per year in efficiency.

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