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How Long do Power Outages Last?

Feb 20, 2020 | Electrical Safety, Power Outages, Residential Electricity

Having a good idea of how extended power outages last will help ensure that you are adequately prepared for when the lights go out. At Expert Electric, we understand how important it is to properly prepare for a power outage and know what to do during a power outage. That is why our expert team has put together some helpful information that will help you during the next power outage.

Expected Duration of Power Outages

Power outages, though often brief, can occasionally persist for days or weeks, particularly during severe weather events. Inclement conditions such as freezing rain, sleet storms, and high winds can damage power lines and electrical infrastructure, leading to widespread outages. Additionally, extreme temperature fluctuations, including cold snaps and heat waves, may strain the power grid, resulting in service disruptions.

During prolonged power outages, communities may face significant challenges, including disruptions to essential services such as heating, cooling, and refrigeration and potential safety hazards. Without electricity, communication systems, transportation networks, and critical facilities like hospitals and emergency services may also be impacted, exacerbating the situation further.

To mitigate the effects of extended power outages, individuals and communities need contingency plans, such as emergency kits, alternative power sources, and communication protocols. By preparing for potential disruptions and staying informed about weather forecasts and utility advisories, people can better navigate and cope with the challenges posed by prolonged power outages.

How Long do Power Outages Last

Learn how to deal with frequent power surges.

What to do During a Power Outage?

The first thing you should check during a power outage is whether or not the outage is limited to your home. If your neighbors’ power is still on, check your circuit breaker panel or fuse box to see if there is a problem. If there is no problem with a breaker or a fuse, you must notify your electric supply company, as the issue could be the service wires leading to your house.

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During an extended power outage—whether it is limited to your house or also affects your neighbors—you should:

  • Turn off all tools, appliances, and electronic equipment and lower thermostats to a minimum to prevent damage from a power surge.
  • Turn off all lights except one so you know when the power has been restored.
  • Avoid opening the fridge or freezer unless necessary.
  • Never use a charcoal or gas barbecue, camping heating equipment, or home generators indoors because they give off life-threatening carbon monoxideg.
  • Never leave lit candles unattended or within reach of children, and always use proper,,, candle holders.
  • Listen to information on the power outage and advice from authorities on your battery-powered or crank radio.
  • Ensure that your home has a working carbon monoxide detector.
  • Protect sensitive electrical devices, including TVs, computers, and Blu-ray players, with a surge-protecting power bar.

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How Long do Power Outages Last

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