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Home Theatre Setup

Jan 29, 2015 | Home Electricity Applications, Residential Electricity

A home theatre system is the corner stone for any man cave. With the huge TV and massive speakers, it can make any movie seem like a reality. But to get that home theatre system perfect it requires organization and the right tools. Expert Electric can help get your home theatre system setup just the way you like it.

Plug In Correctly

Home theatre systems can use a lot of power. When you have everything plugged in (the television, speakers, blu-ray player, gaming system) there is a lot of power that is required to keep it all going. Sometimes it is not as simple as plugging into the wall outlet and turning it all on. You want to ensure that the outlet is strong enough and the wires behind the wall can support the load. If your overload your outlet you could cause damage to your new electronics and home electrical system. Similarly, if you have too much load on a circuit, you could be risking electrical problems that could damage anything on that circuit or cause constant tripping in your breaker. When you have all your equipment prepared, have an expert electrician assess the output that the circuit and outlet will need. We can make the necessary upgrades to get you going.

One thing we have been encouraging everyone with lately is to have a surge protector on your appliances and electronics. There is no exception here. You have a lot invested in your home theatre system, so using surge protectors will add a barrier of safety to your expensive devices. Whether it is a power bar or a home surge protector, it is worth the investment.

Hide Those Cables

One sign of a properly setup theatre system is the absence of visible cables. There can be several cables connected from one device to the next. This makes an eyesore if it is not properly sorted. When you have your equipment and the necessary wires, make a plan of where you would like everything to go. If you have difficulty mapping out your wires, call in the experts. We will help create a plan of action to place each and every wire. Keeping the wires organized and out of sight will make the system not only aesthetically pleasing, but also much easier to switch out and upgrade in the future.

It can be complicated setting up a home theatre system, but if you are organized and have a plan you will end up with an area all your friends will be jealous of. If you need help getting started on your home theatre or are unsure if your home can support all the new electrical devices, call your local Expert Electric.