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Garbage Disposal Units

Sep 16, 2015 | Residential Electricity

If you are renovating or updating your kitchen, one common kitchen addition you might be interested is a garbage disposal unit. This little unit sits in your sink and allows you to shred food that you would not normally fit down the drain. This can be a handy appliance, however it may introduce the threat of electrocution into the environment, as water and electricity don’t mix well. If you are looking at having a garbage disposal unit installed in your sink, have one installed safely.

Electrical Requirements

The garbage disposal unit is installed into your existing sink pipe. In order to power the unit, you will require a 120-volt GCFI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). This means that you will need an outlet under your sink to plugin into. If one is not available you will need to have it installed. Often, other appliances may already heavily load kitchen circuits, it is important to check the load on that circuit before installing a new electrical outlet. If you are not careful, every time you run your garbage disposal you could cause the breaker to trip and lose power to your toaster, microwave, or refrigerator.

Repairing A Disposal Unit

At times disposal units may need maintenance, become clogged, or break down for some other reason. To identify the problem you may need to open up the sink or motor to get to the part that you need access to. Before you begin any work, shut down the circuit that the garbage disposal is on and unplug the unit. This will not only keep your fingers safe from the motor activating unexpectedly, but it will also help you avoid an electrical related accident. If you start to take apart the pipes and water begins leaking there is a big risk of electrical shock. If you are not familiar with the plumbing or electrical work of the garbage disposal, leave it to a professional. You may think it is a simple job, but one mistake can be costly.

Before having a new garbage disposal installed, inspect your sink and pipes for any leaks. If these leaks make contact with exposed electrical wires or outlets there is risk of electrical shock. If you are not familiar with the plumbing or electrical work involved in installing a garbage disposal unit, call an expert. Our licenced electricians can ensure that your kitchen circuit can handle the unit and install a new electrical outlet. Call Expert Electric at 604-681-8338.