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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Cat5 Cabling

May 23, 2019 | Electrical Tips, Installation Tips, Licensed Electrician Tips

Category 5 cable, or Cat5, is a type of twisted cable that is used to network or pair computer devices. It is used to carry signals, such as video, between devices through an ethernet connection. When setting up devices and networks, the proper installation of Cat5 cables can save you from a headache later on down the road. At Expert Electric, we know the common mistakes to avoid when installing Cat5 cabling so that your system can be set up correctly the first time around.

Common Cat5 Cable Installation Mistakes

As licensed electricians, we, at Expert Electric, frequently run into mistakes that people have made when installing Cat5 cables. Some of the most common mistakes to avoid include:

Not Securing Cables in Place

One of the most frequently disregarded or forgotten practices when installing network cable is securing the cable in place. Cables can stretch, deform, and become damaged when they are left loose, resulting in a slowed or disrupted network connection. For this reason, Cat5 cables should always be anchored in place.

Running Cat5 Cables Alongside Electric Wiring

Because Cat5 cables are not heavily protected, any disruption in their magnetic field can result in a disruption in transmission or slower network connection. When you run network cables parallel with electric cables, the electromagnetic interference from the electric wiring can affect the signal running through the Cat5 cables.

Running Cat5 Cable Over an Unacceptable Distance

The distance that a cable can be run will usually be clearly marked. If this distance is not observed, network transmission time can slow down or be interrupted. Make sure that the distance that a Cat5 cable is being run is appropriate for the amount of data being transmitted.

Poor Planning for Future Use

Many installers go for the cheapest option when installing network cable. While this might work for the first year or two that the network is in use, the Cat5 cable that was installed might not support company growth. Make sure that you look ahead to what the establishment might need in the future. when installing network cables.

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