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Adding a New Chandelier to Your Home

Feb 17, 2014 | Home Decor

Circuit BreakerAt Expert Electric we often get calls from our customers requesting chandelier installation. A chandelier is a great lighting option. Adding a new chandelier can do a lot to change the look and feel of a room. It adds style to your home while lighting effectively. A chandelier is basically a beautiful piece of illuminated art. The installation of a new chandelier will vary with the type and size you choose and the location it is to be installed in. Choosing the right chandelier is a very personal choice. But whatever chandelier you choose, your electrician, in almost all cases, can install it for you.

Installing a Chandelier in a New Location
Installing your new chandelier in a location that has never been wired for any electrical fixture is often the costliest installation scenario, since it requires new wiring be installed. In this case we would need to run new wires from the fixture’s location to your electrical panel or to the closest electrical source. We would also need to determine the best route for the wires and ease of access we have to your ceiling. The height and weight of your chandelier, and building structure will also determine the cost involved in installing your new chandelier.

Chandelier Replacement
Replacing an old chandelier with a new one can make a new and beautiful statement in your home. Your new chandelier can use your existing wall switch, but you have the options of upgrading your switch to a dimmer or adding a three-way switch.

Replacing an Existing Light Fixture with a Chandelier
If you are placing your new chandelier in the same location as an existing light fixture, this can be done as well. Since chandeliers are generally heavier than standard light fixtures, your electrician must ensure that the junction box mounted inside your ceiling is able to support the additional weight of your new fixture. If the chandelier requires extra bracing at the box to support the added weight of your new chandelier, your electrician can do this for you.

Ceiling Heights and Chandeliers

Low Ceilings
Make sure that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the chandelier design you choose. You need to consider how low the chandelier will hang from the floor, Chandeliers can be quite large and can hang very low if it is too big for the space. Ensure that your chandelier is right proportion for your room for the best style possible. A large, low hanging chandelier can throw off a room if it is too small.

High Ceilings
Don’t be worried about the height of the ceiling where you will place your chandelier; our electricians can help you with this. Expert Electric can help with any wiring changes or upgrades that would be affected by the height, angle and accessibility of the ceiling, as well as any special hardware or accessories required for mounting your chandelier. Another concern regarding chandeliers installed in very high locations is the ease of changing the bulbs when they burn out. A high mounted chandelier may require the homeowner incorporate ladders or other elevating methods to get up to the chandelier and this can be dangerous, and paying a professional for every bulb change is not cheap. We recommend LED bulbs. These bulbs last in the range of 50,000 to 70,000 hours as opposed to 1000 hours with an incandescent bulb, so changing your light bulbs will become a rare occurrence. LED bulbs are about 10 times more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs as well.

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