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4 Electrical Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value

May 10, 2022 | Older Homes, Residential Electricity

If you are considering selling your home, it may seem pointless to perform various electrical upgrades before listing it. While you will likely not experience the benefits of these electrical improvements for long, they can significantly increase the value of your home by making a stronger impression on potential buyers. As a leading provider of complete residential electrical services, the team at Expert Electric knows how valuable certain upgrades can be for all types of buyers. That is why we have compiled a list of 4 electrical improvements to increase your home’s value to demonstrate how hiring a professional electrician can increase your return on investment.

Learn what to look for when choosing an electrician to perform these improvements.

4 Desirable Electrical Improvements to Increase Resale Value

The following electrical upgrades and devices can significantly increase the resale value of your home and make a strong impression on potential buyers:

1. An Upgraded Electrical Panel

If your home is old, you may still have a 100-amp panel installed. While this capacity used to be sufficient for most families, recently constructed homes are equipped with 200-amp panels to meet the demands of modern devices. An outdated electrical panel will always be uncovered and scrutinized during a home inspection, potentially deterring buyers or reducing their offer. By taking the time to hire an electrician to upgrade your electrical panel, you are saving work for buyers while making a stronger impression on them, making this upgrade well worth the cost.

2. Backup Generator

Backup generators are a great feature for any home as they can supply power to key areas during an outage. This is an especially valuable feature for areas that are subjected to frequent outages as potential buyers can rest easy knowing that their lights, refrigeration systems, and sump pumps will continue to function regardless of weather conditions.

3. LED Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures offer enhanced performance while reducing energy consumption and costs, making them a desirable addition to any property. In addition to conventional ceiling lights, consider installing under-cabinet systems in your kitchen and bathrooms to further increase appeal.

4. Smart Technology

Smart thermostats, locks, and other devices can instantly make your home feel more modern while making a strong first impression on viewers. In addition to enhancing your home’s functionality, most smart technology upgrades can increase energy efficiency, security, and comfort, making them a selling point for any property.

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